Slurrp Farm Co-Founders Shauravi Malik & Meghana Narayan On Healthy & Tasty Food: DSSC

by slurrp

Emphasising the importance of natural flavours, preservative and stabiliser free products, and diversity of ingredients in daily diet through their products, the duo have gone from strength to strength. Helping folks snack healthy on airlines and at hotels too now, they share, “Interestingly, adults love our cookies as much as kids,” and everyone at DSSC (gobbling the cookies) concurs. With their pancake and dosa mixes on the cusp of hitting shelves and 12 new products for adults & kids, including millet drinks, millet based breakfasts, ready-to-cook meals, and a wide range of on-the-go snacks in the pipeline, we are already in works to hoard up at the HQ. As we flip some pancakes and chomp some cereal, the entrepreneurs get talking about their journey with Slurrp Farm. 

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