Founder Moms Of Slurpfarm Spoon Out The Secrets Of Deliciously Healthy Packaged Food For Kids: Indian Women Blog

by slurrp

Slurpfarm creates healthy, wholesome, and tasty snack foods for children, mostly organic and are always preservatives-free- and they come in attractive packaging. Slurpfarm mascots, Indian animals like the monkey, the rhino, the crocodile, the tiger, and the parrot will make sure that each treat is an adventure for your kids. 

“We want to establish Slurpfarm as a story brand. As Indians, we have all grown up listening to the tales of bhalu, Bandar, haathi, sher, etc. and we wanted to inculcate healthy food habits while connecting with them emotionally,” confided Meghana in an interview with us.

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