Go Back To Eating like Our Grandparents Did, Say Founders Of Slurrp Farm For Kids: SheThePeople.tv

by slurrp

As the appetite of the Great Indian Middle Class, especially of the millennial generation, for healthy living gets bigger, the definition of gourmet appears to be changing. It is no longer necessary that a food item has to be rare or expensive to qualify as being exotic.

When Shauravi and Meghana lived in London, their friends would often ask them to bring back organic baby food or children’s food with them. They didn’t realise then, but once they moved back to India and had kids of their own – they understood what was missing from the Indian market. Good, nutritious food for kids. Everything that they bought had preservatives, lots of sugar or salt, and stuff that belongs in a chemistry lab. And that’s when they tinkered with the idea of Slurrp Farm. 

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