Here’s How Two Indian Moms Are Making Ragi And Millets Cool: The New Indian Express – Indulge

by slurrp

Now you can buy your four-year-old a snack that can make his bones stronger. Powered by two core ingredients — ragi and jowar — Delhi-based Slurrp Farm will launch their latest product next month. Neither fried nor baked, the Mighty Munch and Mighty Puff made from extruded whole grains will serve up a literal ‘pop’ of nutrition with every bite! 

“We won’t promise this will make you taller, smarter or send you to IIT,” says Meghana Narayan (40), one half of the duo behind the brand, taking a bit of a jab at hyped advertising that sounds all too familiar. But the MBA graduate from Harvard Business School who is a mother herself (which is the ultimate seal of approval for moms everywhere) adds, “We will say that ragi offers ten times the amount of calcium than wheat and rice — so it is incredibly important for growing bones.”  

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