Millets Are The Superfoods Our Kids Are Missing: Slurrp Farm Founder-Duo Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik: KidsKintha Blog

by slurrp

Now, with the barrage of fast-food and ‘ready-to-eat’ meals, “fortified’ brands, even rice and wheat seem to be in danger of being thrown out of the window. As adults, some of us at least seem to have a benchmark and reference for safe, home-cooked meals, but kids today are in danger of cementing the notion that ‘french fries’ and ‘Nutella milk’ are full, wholesome meals. And just like that, a whole nation’s food culture is changing.

As parents, we experience a lot of hand-wringing against the constant barrage of media enticements and food engineering(not to mention the amazing food photography). That’s when two moms, Shauravi Malik and Meghna Narayan decided to stop wringing their hands and start doing something with them, driven by a vision to put millets back on the plate- especially kids’ plates!

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