These ‘Millet Moms’ Are Getting Indian Kids To Munch On Healthy Snack-Foods: eShe

by slurrp

Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik, both mothers of little kids, knew they were in for the long haul when they launched Slurrp Farm, India’s first FMCG food label that ensures millets and all kinds of healthy stuff reach little children’s tummies. When naysayers expressed doubts about such a concept – ragi and oats cookies? Are you kidding? – both dug their heels in.

“It didn’t make sense,” says Meghana, 40, of the gap in the market they observed. “The shelf in the market is wide open for healthy snack food,” she says, “but it was for good reason: it’s not easy.” The two friends decided on their new brand’s key values such as no chemicals, only locally sourced ingredients such as traditionally grown millets, and added a USP to it all: “It has to be tasty.” They had the best customer focus group give them feedback: pre-schoolers, including their own. “They can be pretty brutal,” she jokes.

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