The Mom’s Ode Of All Times

by slurrp

Grow up little angels,
And save the world.
So we can skip by happily,
Always together till we are.


Grow up little hearts,
And teach me, love,
And though you think I might fail,
I promise I will learn,
To love again.


Grow up like an oak,
And be the ones,
Who stand by the sides of those they love,
And teach the real meaning of strength.


Grow up my little stars,
And shine like the sun,
Let no one be there to stop you,
Or, slow you down at a turn.


Grow up my little buds,
The bloom is in you,
The one I will watch with love,
From my life with a view.


But wait just a minute,
For me to hold you tight,
And to find your beating heart,
Next to mine.


And may it say all it wants,
And pass me all your worries today,
So while you grow and be what you will,
I will fight for you in every way.


Someone asked me about a weak spot,
A mother’s beating heart, I thought.
But grow up to be my strong rocks,
So I never have to respond to that thought.


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