Try These 2 Ragi Recipes To Increase Weight of Preschool Children

by slurrp

Dear parents,

We all know that chocolate is yummy and chips make a great side to a sandwich but, are these healthy snacking options for our super-active preschoolers? It is definitely not the best (and right) way to increase your child’s weight or calorie intake! 

Let’s raise kids who develop healthy eating habits! 

So, here are 5 general tips to follow in order to increase the weight of your preschooler:

  • Consider having four to five small meals a day, instead of three bigger meals
  • Do not skip meals
  • Inculcate the habit of munching on healthy snacks once a day
  • Avoid low-nutrient, energy-dense foods with empty calories, such as junk foods like candies, chips, and soft drinks
  • Limit the water-intake during meal times, so that your child doesn’t fill up and leave food


     Ragi Recipes To Increase Weight 02

    Healthy Nacho Chips with Cheesy Vegetable Dip


    For the nacho chips:

    1. ½ Cup sprouted ragi flour
    2. ½ Cup maize flour
    3. ¼ Cup whole wheat flour
    4. One Tsp carom seeds
    5. One Tsp cumin seeds
    6. ¼ Tsp chili powder (optional)
    7. 2 tsp oil

      For the vegetable dip:

      1. ¼ Cup grated carrot
      2. One Tsp finely chopped capsicum
      3. One Tsp finely chopped onion
      4. One Tsp finely chopped tomato
      5. 2 Tbsp grated processed cheese
      6. ½ Cup hung curd
      7. 2 Tbsp fresh cream
      8. One tbsp chopped coriander


        For the nacho chips

        1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and make a soft dough using a little water. Keep aside for 5 Minutes

        2. Now, divide the dough into 5 equal parts. Roll out each part into a thin chapati using little flour. Lightly prick each chapati using a fork

        3. Using a sharp knife, cut the chapatis into the shape of nacho chips

        4. Bake the nacho chips in a pre-heated oven at 200-degree Celsius for around 8-10 Minutes. Keep aside

          For the vegetable dip

          1. Pour the curd and cream together in a bowl. Whisk them well together

          2. Add all the remaining ingredients in the bowl and stir using a spoon. Pour into a serving bowl and refrigerate

          3. Serve the vegetable dip chilled with nachos

             Ragi Recipes To Increase Weight 03

            Ragi Honey Bread with Walnuts and Cranberries


            1. ½ Cup sprouted ragi flour
            2. ½ Cup whole wheat flour
            3. One Tbsp honey
            4. One tbsp brown sugar
            5. One tsp yeast
            6. One tbsp lukewarm milk
            7. ½ Cup lukewarm water
            8. One tbsp olive oil
            9. A pinch of salt
            10. 2 Tsp dried cranberries
            11. 2 Tsp chopped walnuts


              1. In a bowl, add lukewarm water and mix sugar in it. Stir well till the sugar is completely dissolved. Add yeast and mix well again. Keep it aside for 10-12 minutes till it becomes frothy. Add milk and mix well

              2. On the other hand, sieve ragi, whole wheat flour, and salt. Shift them in a big bowl and add honey. Mix well. Add chopped cranberries and walnuts, mix well to avoid the formation of lumps

              3. Now, add the frosty yeast to the mixture and mix well using a spoon. The dough will turn a little sticky. Knead the dough for 5-10 minutes using your hands. Add a little dry flour and knead well to make a soft and smooth dough. Grease the dough with a little oil

              4. Take a bowl and grease it with little oil. Shift the dough in the greased bowl. Cover it using a soft towel. Keep the bowl in a warm place for 1-2 hours (you can also preheat the oven for 2 minutes and keep the bowl inside)

              5. The dough will now double up in size. Knead the dough again, until smooth. Place the dough in a greased loaf pan for another 40 minutes

              6. Now, preheat the oven at 180-degree Celsius. Keep the loaf pan in the oven and bake for 25-30 minutes.

              7. Transfer the bread loaf in a tray to cool down. Slice it and serve with yummy fruity jam


              All our recipes are high in nutrition from wholegrain flours, Supergrains like Ragi, Jowar, and Foxtail Millet, good fats like real butter, real fruits, and vegetables. No added preservatives, no transfats, and no artificial colors or flavors. Just 100% honest yumminess!


              So, aren’t they easy peasy? Share your own ragi recipes by emailing on and get featured right away!



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