Healthy Eating With Tupperware : Truly Yours Roma

by slurrp

Earnestly, I feel moms of this generation have the toughest jobs at hand. While on one hand they are spoilt for choices with so many mind-boggling options decking up the fancy shelves, on the other they have a humongous task of filtering what goes in their kid’s tummy. On a lighter note, don’t you think our moms’ jobs were easier with lesser options and pure and unadulterated food? Phew!

Anyways for us, the mommas of today, awareness is the key. Thus I skip no chance to stay upbeat in upgrading my knowledge on this topic and so I attended a wonderful meet-up on healthy eating by Tupperware in association with Slurrpfarm and Maxhealthcare last week in Gurgaon. It was undoubtedly a very enriching afternoon and I am so glad I made it against all odds.


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