Millet Pizza Base – A Healthier Take On Junk Food

by slurrp

Is your kid a pizza lover too? It’s that one snack kids and adults love way too much! Hence, we thought to give it a new profile. Let’s make it healthy so that you do not have to worry about the number of bad calories you or your little one would be consuming after a round of slices. With millet pizza base recipe topped with homemade sauce and a lot of veggies, you can enjoy every bite and go all yum. 

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The biggest advantage of millet is that it is structurally similar to wheat. As a result, baking with millet can often give similar outcomes. The crust becomes thin and crispy around the edges with a tender middle. The grains start to ferment an even sprout a bit, which adds a complex, fermented taste to the dough – kinda like traditional wheat dough! 

It is the freshly baked millet base, with tangy pizza sauce, some cheese, and toppings that make it an unbeatable combo. 

Millet Pizza Base

Note: These ingredients are for one pizza worth of dough.   


1. One Cup whole wheat flour

2.  1/4 Cup ragi powder

3. 1/2 Cup jowar powder

4. 1/4 Cup pearl millet powder

5. 2 Tbsp of oil

6. ½ Cup water

7. ½ Cup milk



Seasonings and additives:

1. Rosemary

2. Tarragon

3. Baking Soda

4. Salt

5. Salt/ herbs seasoning is left to taste



1. Pour all these into the flour mix, and knead it.

2. Pull all the ingredients toward the centre and start kneading slowly.



3. This will result in the dough after you knead it for some time.



4. After kneading, let it rest for some time.



5. Once rested, roll these out into circular pizza bases with a rolling pin.

6. Butter the bottom of the pizza bases so they don’t stick to the baking pan.

7. Put in an oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees centigrade.

8. Let your little one top the pizza base with the choice of their topping.


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