Gur Ka Sharbat Made From Organic Jaggery Powder

by slurrp

Gur Ka Sharbat made from organic jaggery powder is a traditional drink that can be consumed any time in the day and replenishes your body in the sweltering heat. A quick drink to make, it requires you to mix water and gur until the gur completely dissolves and it develops a light brownish hue, but you can adjust it based on how sweet you want your drink. Add a dash of lemon juice for some tang and it’s done.

Organic jaggery powder is used in many as a natural sweetener in many delicious desserts. A healthier alternative to refined sugar, jaggery is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including iron and potassium, which are all beneficial for maintaining good health.

It is a perfect summer drink and a thirst killer. We at Slurrp Farm have childhood memories with this sharbat. Most of us have been drinking it since we were 3 years old. Gur Ka Sharbat made from organic jaggery powder is also beauty at an iftar table and is made for all 30 days of Ramadan. They say it helps you regain your energy. 

Gur Ka Sharbat


1. 1/4 Cup of Slurrp Farm Organic Jaggery Powder

2. 2 Cups water

3. One tbsp soaked Slurrp Farm Chia Seeds

4. 12-15 Mint leaves

5. Juice of 1//2 lemon

6. 4-5 Lime wedges

7. Pinch of salt



1. Dissolve the Slurrp Farm Organic Jaggery Powder in the water.



2. Add the soaked Slurrp Farm Chia Seeds.



3. Add lime juice. 



4. Add crushed mint leaves.



5. Add a pinch of salt and lime wedge.



3. Stir and serve with or without ice.


You can make this chilled Gur Ka Sharbat easily at home and experiment with more additions in it. Do let us know how did you like the taste of Gur Ka Sharbat and tag us @SlurrpFarm

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