Celebrating Father’s Day With Superdad Sameer Bhadouria

by slurrp

Meet Sameer Bhadouria

Sameer Bhadouria is a Software Engineer at Curated, San Francisco, California. Sameer has expertise in understanding customer and business requirements and converting them to Engineering software feature design documents. Enthusiastic about using Machine Learning algorithms to provide predictive insights from data.

At present, Sameer is on a mission to help people find the perfect product or experience, creating a new way for shoppers to buy things they’ll love and experts to make a living doing what they love.

Get to know him:

1. Words I live by…

“The goal is not to be better than the other, but to be better than your previous self” – Dalia Lama

2. Why I like to eat healthy (or why eating healthy is important for our family)?

I love outdoor physical activities, and eating healthy means I can do more of it, for as long as I want to.

3. A dream I’m turning into reality is?

I work with the best and brightest in Silicon Valley- that is definitely a dream come true.

4. What’s that one fun thing you always do with your child?

I read books with her every day- she turns the pages for me.

5. If your life would be a reality show, what would it be called?

Work, workout, eat, and repeat.

6. What is the easiest and happiest part of being a parent?

Playing with my daughter.

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