Millets And Oats Tikki With Gur Chutney

by slurrp

By Ayesha Nallaseth

I have included oats in my breakfast and shared plenty of lunch recipes using this grain. Infact, I’ve gradually started to include this versatile whole-grain in yummy snacking options as well. Who’d think tikki can be healthy? Well! Oats tikki can be had for breakfast or as a quick evening snack with slight tweaks for our little ones at home. So are you ready to cook your veggies, throw in the spices, shape your patties and shallow pr pan fry it to have a delicious evening snack? 

It tastes best, when had along with a hot cup of tea or coffee during the monsoon or winter season. Try it and enjoy it with your loved ones.


Evening snacks for kids


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In this recipe, I have used good amount of oats powder. Oats itself is a nice binding agent when it is moist you don’t need to add any other binding agents like bread or cornflour to the mixture.

These cutlets serve dual purpose, one – as an evening snack and the other – as a delicious party snack as these cutlets can be pre-prepared and stored in an airtight container in the deep freezer to be shallow fried as and when required. That surely reduces the load of work. 

I have added beans, carrot, cauliflower but you can add any seasonal, favorite or sneak in that difficult vegetable (fussy eater hack). I’ve tried adding beetroot to the oats tikki once but it gives a dark pink color so I didn’t add it this time. But if you wish to sneak it into your little one’s tummy you can add grated beetroot, onions or garlic etc. Also, you can also stuff these cutlets with little cheese piece or one tsp of grated cheese or finely chopped peanuts, cashew or raisins etc for that extra crunch.

Condiments for ragi-oats tikki – gur chutney:

Add a spoonful of chutney and the dish comes to life with bursting flavor’s. Today with oats tikki we will also be making gur ki chutney. From traditional winter sweets like halwa, kheer, ladoos and chikkis to savory dishes like gur ki roti, gur is used in various dishes in Indian cuisine. But did you know that you can even make tantalizing chutney from the humble jaggery? Yes, you read that right! The best part is that you can prepare this chutney and store in the fridge for a few weeks so that it comes in handy whenever you want to add that spicy tangy-sweet taste to your dishes.


Slurrp Farm Jaggery

You can even spruce up this healthy snack for kids stuffing it into two slices of buns or bread and have it as a burger. Roll it in a chapatti or a naan to enjoy a tikka roll for a change. A delightful treat it can be had in a variety of ways and enjoyed.

Oats tikki recipe:

Ingredients for the Gur Ki Chutney:


Ingredients of Gur Ki Chutney


1. ½ Cup seedless tamarind

2. ½ Cup seedless dates

3. ½ Cup Slurrp Farm Jaggery Powder

4. One tbsp red chilli powder

5. One tsp fennel powder

6. One tsp jeera powder

7. Salt to taste

8. 3 Cups water

Ingredients for the Millet & Oat Tikki


Ingredients of oats tikki


1. ½ Cup Slurrp Farm Millets and Oat Powder

2. ½ Cup mixed boiled vegetables (beans, carrots, cauliflower and raw capsicum)

3. 1/4th Cup grated cheese

4. One tbsp chopped coriander

5. One tsp red chilli powder

6. One tsp jeera powder

7. One tsp haldi

8. One tsp coriander powder

9. One tbsp yogurt

10. Salt to taste

Method for Gur Ki Chutney:

1. Place the tamarind, dates and Sluurp Farm Jaggery in a pot and pour 3 cups of water. Over medium heat allow the tamarind and dates to cook until soft.


Place the ingredients in hot water


2. Then add the chilli powder, fennel powder, salt and jeera powder and allow it to cook for 10 -12 minutes.


Add the chilli powder, fennel powder, salt and jeera powder


3. Then adjust the taste and consistency by adding more water if required and more spices incase you want to increase the spice levels.

4. Cool the chutney, then blend it and pass it through a strainer.




5. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Method For Millet and Oats Tikki:

1. Roast the Slurrp Farm Millet and Oats Powder till light brown.


Roast the Slurrp Farm Oats Powder


2. Finely chop and boil all the vegetables except capsicum.


Chop the vegetables


3. Mix the millet and oats powder with the boiled vegetables, coriander, grated cheese, jeera powder, salt, red chilli powder, haldi powder and yogurt.


Add the masala to the chopped vegetables


4. Mix all ingredients well and make small flat roundels.


Pan fry tikkis


5. Pan fry or bake the tikkis and serve immediately with the Gur ki chutney.


Oats tikki

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