5 Parenting Books That Have Stood The Test of Time

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By Kamakshi Ganesh

From the time a pregnancy is announced, the floodgates of free advice open. From family and friends to well-wishers and even strangers on the street – everyone has the knowledge to share with you. Luckily, there are many parenting books you can turn to seek expert advice regarding everything pregnancy and child-related. While being educated is important, it is also imperative to know that the right parenting book should leave you feeling comforted and not more stressed after reading them.

A lot of parents worry about baby’s growth, feeding, eating habits, and overall health. Most times the answers are there – in front of us. However, we continue to look for more books than we can count for advice on topics mentioned above.


Parenting Books  that cover topics around best baby food


To make things easier and avoid decision fatigue (in addition to the ever-present mommy fatigue), we have lined up 5 best parenting books that decode pregnancy and child care in a very reassuring and simplified way.

5 Best of the best parenting books:

1. Passport to pregnancy by Dr. Gita Arjun 



This book would fare pretty high up on our list of parenting books to pick up if you are pregnant. Written by an eminent OB-GYN, Dr. Gita Arjun, this is a comprehensive guide that demystifies pregnancy and debunks the various myths that surround it. The book is peppered with illustrations and useful hacks to alleviate and minimize pregnancy symptoms and has a sizeable portion dedicated to post-partum care as well. What makes this book very relevant to an Indian context are the chapters on eating healthy which slot in household staples like rotis, dal, and idlis making it more relatable than books written by western authors.

Available on: Amazon.in

2. What to expect – The first year by Heidi Murkoff 


The What To Expect series is considered to be the go-to pregnancy book for women around the world. The first book – What to expect when you are expecting – essentially touches on everything pregnancy and birth-related. The second book in this series – What To Expect – The First Year follows the characteristic month by month development of your child. The tone of the book is very sympathetic, practical, and reassuring as it guides parents through their baby’s milestones without causing too much anxiety. In addition to this, the revised 3rd edition of the book covers topics ranging from sleep training, breastfeeding, early potty training to going back to work vs. staying home too. 

Available on: Amazon.in

3. Pregnancy notes: Before, during and after by Rutuja Diwekar



Any pregnant woman can attest to the fact that with the announcement of the pregnancy comes to a LOT of unsolicited advice from everyone on what you can and cannot eat. This book is great if you are preparing for pregnancy, are pregnant or have just delivered. Written by a notable Indian nutritionist, the book includes everything from meal plans, recipes to workout programs new mothers can follow to shed the extra pounds post-birth. A lot of the meal plans mentioned in the book are a throwback to the diet of our grandparents. Rutuja explains why the traditional recipes like poppy seed kheer and sautéed drumstick leaves are very nutritious and good for your body.

Available on: Amazon.in

4. The Montessori Toddler: A parent’s guide to raising a curious and responsible human being by Simone Davies



If you are struggling with your toddler at home, this is one of the best parenting books to restore a little calm back into your life! The main idea behind the book is to recreate the Montessori classroom system in your house. The Montessori Method is based on hands-on learning where children are given the option to make creative choices in their learning, in turn making them more independent. This book provides you with tools to lead, guide, and work together with your toddler while maintaining a positive and respectful rapport with them. The book has some great illustrations and visuals too and it’s a great parenting book even if you don’t intend to send your toddler to a Montessori school in the future.

Available on: Amazon.in

5. Bringing up bébé: One American mother discovers the wisdom of french parenting



If you are looking for a lighter read, this is the book for you. Bringing Up Bebe is a first-hand account of the American author Pamela Druckerman who raises her child in Paris. On observing fellow French mothers, she realizes their parenting style is vastly different from the American way and their children are far more well behaved and independent from a younger age. Druckerman goes on to study French’s more hands-off approach to parenting and compiles it into an easy read with fun anecdotes and great illustrations!  What you can take away from this book is actionable advice regarding sleeping schedules, eating habits as well as carving out alone time for yourself between the crazy parental duties.

Available on: Amazon.in


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