Top 3 Home Remedies For Teething Babies

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By Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Who doesn’t love a warm, at times mischievous toothless smile from an infant? But, what mums are particularly scared of are those tiring days of excess drooling, and a cranky baby who feels irritated, wants to take everything in his mouth. That constant urge to suck and bite almost anything and everything usually starts at around 3 to 4 months. If you’re lucky, a pearl or two might erupt with no severe signs or symptoms. However, most kids undergo sore gums and pain when they’re cutting teeth. So, be prepared!



If you are you looking for safe and easy ways to soothe your baby’s sore gums then you must read on… 

A word of caution though:

Do not give just anything to your baby to chew on. Steer clear of sharp objects of foods that can cause choking. Doctors advise it’s best to give your baby something only when you can keep an eye on what’s happening.

1. Cold compression

Simplest and most popular home remedy for teething pain. Right from cool cucumber sticks (5.5 months onwards) to a frozen edge of the washcloth that has been frozen for not so long are the best examples of cold compression (3-to-4 months). Make sure to use a muslin or cotton washcloth. It needs to be refrigerated for atleast 45 minutes. When it’s cold and stiff, touch it to your baby’s gums, or even let your baby hold it while chewing on it.



Several mothers also recommend frozen fruit pops, raw veggies like a carrot to a radish stick. However, follow our piece of advice mentioned above. Do not leave your child unattended, instead, you should monitor to avoid choking hazards. For extra safety, you could also opt for a mesh teether.

2. Pressure works

Nothing is as comforting as a mum’s clean finger gently massaging on a baby’s gum. You could also use a wooden spoon or wooden teething rings also offer natural pressure against the gum area that’s swollen and sore.

3. Nursing helps



If your baby is still being breast-fed, you can nurse him as often as possible. Breastfeeding soothes the teething baby. It is also a reliable way to give your baby some comfort.

Remember that any teething remedies you cherry pick should be tried-and-tested (in the family), safe and nontoxic. Don’t hesitate to speak to your pediatrician if you have any concerns. Do not believe in all the information up on the internet. 

According to Shweta Kshetrapal, a mother of a 13 month old, “I have been experiencing a new symptom almost every passing month. At times my little one is irritable, body temperature sees a spike, loss of appetite, however we are blessed with a lot of much-appreciated advice on teething. There are plenty of remedies out there, some right in our kitchen that has worked wonders, sharing a few, some worked well for us. 

 ⭐️ Mash a banana or apple and make a popsicle. Don’t forget to add a popsicle stick, the baby can suck onto the same. The cold popsicle provides a relief. Works very well in summers. 

 Make Your Own Slurrpy And Healthy Popsicles For Kids

 ⭐️ Cold carrots can also do the job, as much as coconut’s tender white. Remove the brown shell of the coconut, this works as a perfect home remedy to provide relief. 

Be mindful of it!

Most babies undergo constipation or diarrhea, loss of appetite, but if the symptoms become severe over a period of time, please show your baby to his pediatrician. It is believed that these symptoms are likely related to other things and should be treated separately. In most cases, discomfort, pain, and a slight fever are the only real hazards from teething.

Source: Healthline

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