5 Ultra-Cool DIY Father’s Day Gifts Which Are Easy To Make

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Daddies aren’t usually very picky about presents. Whether it’s a World’s Best Dad mug or the same old traditional bowtie and ink pen; just about anything makes them happy! But what puts that million dollar smile on dad’s face is when kids gift their hand-crafted-one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

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So, all you lovely mommies out there, this year how about going beyond the standard necktie or quirky socks or “World’s Greatest Dad” mug? Dad deserves better, isn’t it? Besides, DIY and handmade creations are always special! They can bring a tear, joy, happiness, can be personalized, hard to shop for, thoughtful and encourage kids to think beyond the humdrum. We have put together a list of amazing, unique and easy handmade gifts that those tiny hands (with your help) can make for ideal presents.

So, are we ready to think outside the box this Father’s Day? This is the best opportunity for the kids to showcase their creative talent. Let’s get going, then…

1. Superhero Handmade Card for Your Dad:

Who doesn’t love getting hand and foot-printed gifts from their kids? It is such an amazing keepsake to look back on. We think dads would love to receive any of these gifts but especially the Superhero hand and footprinted DIY Card. It’s easy to make. All you need to do is get hold of watercolors, and get ready for some messy fun! It’s that easy!

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2. Homemade Photo Frame for Your Dad:

Easiest and truly personalized gift option is a handmade photo frame. For making a photo frame, you’d need cardboard, colors, glue, and scissors. All you need to do first is to cut out space for a standard sized photograph to fit inside a cardboard sheet. On the outer walls of the cardboard, you can be as creative as you can be (personally, we like this cool idea we found on Pinterest). Take another sheet of cardboard and stick to the three sides of the first cardboard, leaving only one side to slide in the best photograph of daddy-kiddo! Isn’t this like the loveliest thing in the world? Something as a tabletop or his desk accessory to remind him of the best moments in his life, thanks to this awesome photo frame.


3. Keychain for Your Dad:

Take a few pastel sheets and cut them in a similar small shape (rectangular or square is the best). Actually, opt for daddy’s fav color. Decorate the corners of the handmade sheets and write personalized, crisp messages for your dad. For instance, I love my dad because…Make a hole in each of the handmade sheets. Put the keychain ring in between the holes and your Father’s Day keychain is ready. You will smile every time you pick up your keys!

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4. Healthy and Yummy Pancake Brekkie for Your Dad:

Always have a good appetite, more so on a Sunday! What’s better than making something delicious for dad (possibly with dad) that is also very healthy? Here’s a simple recipe to make yummy-scrummy pancakes with our Millet Chocolate Pancake Mix.

Step 1: Empty ½  the contents of the Millet Chocolate Pancake Mix into a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Add a ½ cup of milk and mix well (you can even add an egg if daddy likes eggs).

Step 3: Warm a flat non-stick pan to medium heat. Add butter to the pan. Pour the batter onto the heated pan and cook well on both sides.

Step 4: Cut a small stencil mold on a tick card paper, and using icing sugar, decorate the top of the pancake (you can make any design you want!)

Step 5: Serve it with honey, maple syrup, or just a cube of butter.

Easy-peasy pancake brekkie ready in no time!


5. Give Him the Remote Control; Sit back and enjoy ICC WorldCup:

Let this Father’s Day dads be in charge of the TV Remote Control! 24 Hours of the TV he wants to watch – without criticism- let him have this gift. Yes, this may well mean a whole day of cricket. We’d recommend the kids design a special ‘I’m in charge of the Remote Control’ voucher, to present to dad. Trust us, he’ll love this idea!

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Tell us which one are you trying out? All the best to you and your little one and here’s wishing all the lovely daddies- A Very Happy Father’s Day!


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