4 Best Ideas To Make DIY Rakhi At Home This Raksha Bandhan

by slurrp

Raksha Bandhan is just a week away. Tired of shopping for same old Rakhi designs? Thinking of ways to make your own DIY Rakhi? Look no further! We have cherry-picked 4 best designs…4 best ideas to make DIY Rakhis at home. So, what are you waiting for? Mummas and Papas, gear up. Get creative and involve your children in simple steps to make their own Rakhis.

So, are we all set to make handmade, personalized Rakhis for our special ones? Check these designs and do tell us which one did you try making at home? Make this wonderful festival more personal, healthy and fun to celebrate with Slurrp Farm Rakhi Box (which includes 2 cookies, one pancake mix, one dosa mix, one puff, and one munchie)

DIY Rakhi 01


1. Clay Rakhi with Keychain Provision

Material required:

1. Shilpkar Clay

2. Fabric colors

3. Color brushes

4. Colored thread

5. Stationery (Pen, pencil, eraser, scale, and cutter)

6. Toothpick

7. Key chainring

8. Decorative Beads

9. Talcum Powder

10. Varnish


DIY Rakhi 02



1. Cut a circular shape of the clay with a mold. Let it dry for 15 minutes


DIY Rakhi 03


2. Once solid, draw the three departments as shown in the picture. Draw the worli design and write your brother’s name


DIY Rakhi 04


3. Apply the first color: White, and let it dry. Now, use different colors for three different compartments as shown in the picture. Let it dry. Don’t forget to color the sides as well


DIY Rakhi 05 

4. Put the clay upside down and place the thread in the center. Pass the beads through the thread as shown in the picture. Stick the small cylindrical clay on the thread to join it with the rakhi. Also, attach the key chain ring on the top with the help of a tiny ball of clay. Let it dry for 15 minutes till solid


DIY Rakhi 06

5. Now color the back of the clay as the font. Apply a coat of varnish on the front to give it the final finished touch. It enhances the effect of the product. And let it dry for at least 3 hours

DIY Rakhi 07

6. Your customized name DIY Rakhi is ready and can be used as a keychain later on

Created by Rutu Ayachi

2. Quilling Rakhi

Material required:

1. 25 Cms long Colourful Paper quilling strips

2. Slotted curling tool or the curling needle

3. Quilling board (optional)

4. Tweezers (optional)

5. Small 1-1.5’’ paper rounds to form the base

6. Craft glue

7. Glue gun (optional if you have a sturdy crafts glue)

8. A neat and clean workboard 


DIY Rakhi 08


1. Choose a colored strip (the brighter the merrier is your Raksha Bandhan celebration) and use the curling needle to coil it up


DIY Rakhi 09


2. You may choose to let the coil wind up tightly or may wish to loosen it up a bit to show gaps. Do not forget to glue up the loose end after the shape has been confirmed


DIY Rakhi 10


3. Glue this first coil to the paper round of your choice


DIY Rakhi 11


4. Repeat the 1st step and then let the curl loosen up in one of the round slots of the quilling board. Use tweezers to pinch one corner and glue up the loose end


DIY Rakhi 12


5. Repeat step 4 and make 4 more similar curls with different color strips and glue any of their loose ends. Use glue to paste all the 5 curls around the 1st curl glued to the paper round, to look like a flower


DIY Rakhi 13


6. Use a glue gun to attach this to your Ribbon and your beautiful Rakhi is ready


DIY Rakhi 14


7. Use the method above to experiment with different colored strips and different slots of the quilling board and come up with your own designs of beautiful homemade Rakhis!


DIY Rakhi 15

Created by Sugandha Rana

3. Cotton Swabs Rakhi 

Material required:

1. Cotton swabs

2. Acrylic/ poster/ fabric colours

3. Cardboard

4. Ribbon

5. Stationery (Stapler, tape, scissors, glue)


DIY Rakhi 16


1. Color the cotton swabs with 3 different colors (red, yellow, blue or any color of your choice). Acrylic colors are used here, however, you can also use poster or fabric colors. Allow it to dry


DIY Rakhi 18


2. Cut out a circle from cardboard in the size of the Rakhi and staple a ribbon on it. The pin endings should be an upside. You may secure the pins with tape so that you don’t get hurt


DIY Rakhi 18


3. Cut the different color cotton swabs in different sizes. The biggest size goes on the outside of the circumference and the smallest goes in the middle


DIY Rakhi 20


4. Start gluing the swabs on the cardboard with the blue one (or the biggest size)


DIY Rakhi 21


5. Then glue the yellow ones, followed by the next size and so on. Let it dry completely before using it


DIY Rakhi 22


6. Your unique cotton swab DIY Rakhi is ready to be used


DIY Rakhi 20

 Here is how to use a cotton swab for crafting


Make 3 healthy, easy recipes on Raksha Bandhan. Learn how to make Ragi Ladoos and Barfis!

4. Paper Fan Rakhi 

Material required:

1. Ribbons/yarn threads/strings-cut to 25 cms

2. Colorful origami paper (we used a mix of printed and plain silver/golden paper)

3. 200gsm paper sheets – cut paper rounds for the base

4. Compass

5. Scissors

6. Craft glue

7. Glue gun (optional if you have a sturdy crafts glue)

8. A neat and clean workboard 

DIY Rakhi 23



1. Cut different sized squares (1-1.5-inch side) out of origami papers. Also, cut small circles of approx the same diameter or less from the 200gsm craft papers


DIY Rakhi 24


2. Attach the small pieces of squares on top of the bigger pieces



DIY Rakhi 25


3. Turn these squares around and start folding them alternately on each side. You will end up with a zig-zag folded square


DIY Rakhi 26


4. Attach 2 such zigzag squares together using glue and fold it in the middle. Bring the remaining sides together and join them with glue. You would now have it in the shape of a fan


DIY Rakhi 27


5. Glue this to one of the 200 gsm paper rounds and once dry use a glue gun to attach this to the ribbon


DIY Rakhi 28


6. Your Rakhi is ready. Experiment with a few more colored papers and create some more cheerful ones


7. Your customized name DIY Rakhi is ready and can be used as a keychain later



DIY Rakhi 29

Created by Sugandha Rana

Aren’t these fun kids’ activities?

Choose the one that you like the most and get started, now! Post your Rakhi picture on Instagram and tag/hashtag us @SlurrpFarm #SlurrpFarm


DIY Rakhi 31



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