How To Make A Cake In A Pressure Cooker – 3 Easy Tips

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Want to make a cake, but do not have an oven? Well, here’s an amazing homemade cake recipe using a pressure cooker.

We often get confused with the cooking time and the temperature that ought to be maintained in an oven but, with a pressure cooker, you don’t have to. Just remember a couple of tips and you will have a delicious, soft and spongy cake. Nothing beats the indulgence of a slice from a homemade cake. Tasty and spongy, the pressure cooker cake is a keeper for days when you are craving cake but have no power!


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Try this simple yet delightful cake recipe, do not worry if it does not work in the first try, baking is a science, hence you must follow every step carefully. So, here are our best tips on how to make a cake in a pressure cooker. 

3 Tips for making a cake in a pressure cooker

1. Always use a good quality, heavy and thick bottomed (about 5-6 liters) cooker. Abstain from utilizing anodized and steel cookers

2. Try to keep the cooker separate that you are using for baking. Do not use it for pressure cooking anything else, as in this way, the metal weakens and damages. Always ensure to cook on low flame

3. Make sure that the pan you use inside the cooker is able to take dry heat. Avoid using steel pans as they might result in the cake getting burnt from the bottom

4. Before getting started with the cake-business, you need to pre-heat the pressure cooker. For this, just place the lid on the pressure cooker (which should contain no water) and cook on high heat for atleast 2 mins


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Recipe: Pressure Cooker Cake

Cooking Time: 1 Hour (approx.)


1. One pack of Slurrp Farm Chocolate Pancake

2. 2 Tbsp cocoa powder

3. One tsp baking powder

4. ¾ Cup milk

5. ⅓ Cup yogurt

6. ⅓ Cup olive oil

7. ¼ Cup brown sugar (optional)

For topping:

1. One Pack of Slurrp Farm Choco Ragi Puffs

2. One Pack of Slurrp Farm Ragi and Chocolate Cookies

How to make:

1. In a bowl, empty the Slurrp Farm Chocolate Pancake pack. Add natural cocoa powder and baking powder to it. Mix well

2. In another bowl, take milk and curd. Add olive oil and blend it together. Add brown sugar to the mixture to improve the sweetness (optional)

3. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry mix of chocolate pancake

4. Take a pan and grease it with butter. Shift the chocolate batter into the pan. Tap it 3-4 times in order to remove the trapped air bubbles

5. Place the pan in the cooker, secure the lid firmly tightly on the cooker. Make sure to remove the vent weight (whistle)

6. Cook the cake on a low flame, till it turns golden in color. The time for cooking can vary from 35-50 Minutes, depending upon the quality and size of the pressure cooker (you can check the cake while it’s baking, by removing the lid)

7. After it turns golden in color, insert a toothpick in the center of the cake to check if it comes out clean. If it is sticky, bake for another 5 minutes and repeat the toothpick process

8. Allow the cake to cool down and then remove it gently from the mould. You can use the Slurrp Farm Choco-Ragi Mighty Puffs and the Slurrp Farm Chocolate Ragi Cookies for the perfect toppings. Serve!


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If you try this pressure cooker cake and find it successful, please post your cake picture on Instagram and tag/hashtag us @SlurrpFarm #SlurrpFarm

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