3 Easy Snack Desserts For Bhai Dooj

by slurrp

This Bhai Dooj, celebrate the bond of love by treating cute little brothers and sisters with the yummiest and healthiest treats made using nutritious cookies.

Check out these 3 easy snack-y desserts your kids are going to love and sure to share with their siblings…


Easy Snack Desserts 01


1. Chocolate-chip ragi cookie milkshake


1. 2 Cups vanilla ice cream

2. ⅓  Box of Slurrp Farm Chocolate Ragi Cookies

3. ¼ Cup chocolate chips

4. One cup of milk

5. One scoop of vanilla ice-cream

6. Whipped cream, chocolate chips, caramel, banana/blueberries/green apple and extra cookies to garnish (optional)

1. Place vanilla ice cream, Slurrp Farm Chocolate Ragi Cookies, chocolate chips and milk in a blender. Blend well to make the mixture smooth

2. Take a glass and place cookie crumbles on the bottom. Add the choco-chip shake to the glass

3. Garnish with whipped cream and choco-chips and caramel on the top

4. Serve immediately and add a few slices of green apple or banana/blueberries for an extra dose of health-happiness.


Easy Snack Desserts 02


2. Homemade Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Crumbles


1. 6 – 7 Pieces of Slurrp Farm Chocolate Ragi Cookies (for crumble)

2. ½ Cup low-fat whipping cream

3. Tbsp Slurrp Farm Jaggery Powder


1. Take whipping cream in a mixing bowl and whip with an electric beater till it thickens 

2. Transfer the mixture to a metal container, cover it and refrigerate it for 8 hours or until the ice cream sets

6. To serve- take a bowl and add crushed chocolate ragi cookies. Top this up with a scoop of homemade ice cream and garnish with some more cookie crumble or a whole cookie.


Have you tried Slurrp Farm’s cookies (available in two flavors) made with real butter, yet? Yummy-munchy snack- your little ones will absolutely love these! 

Easy Snack Desserts 03

Made with natural ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, no transfat, and low on sugar.


Easy Snack Desserts 04

3. Yogurt Fruit Salad with Cookie Crumbs


1. Slurrp Farm Chocolate Ragi Cookies (for crumble)

2. Strawberries

3. Mangoes

4. Grapes, green

5. Raspberries/blueberries

6. Honey

7. Slurrp Farm Jaggery Powder

8. Yogurt (Quantity as required)


1. Take a bowl and add yogurt to it. Top it up with brown sugar and honey. Mix well

2. Take another bowl and mix together all the fruits in it. Pour the yoghurt mixture over it

3. Take another bowl and add cookie crumbs to it. Pour the yoghurt fruit mixture over it

4. Garnish the mixture with some toppings of fruits and watch the flavours come alive!


Tell us if you have any of your own healthy cookies-based yummy recipes that can be made under 15 minutes. Send us at mail@slurrpfarm.com

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Bhai Dooj!

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