Introduce Low Sugar Foods In Your Kids Diet With These Easy Ways

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Whenever my 5-year old cutie pie asks me for anything sweet, I take a stroll back to my golden childhood days when I was a little kid, continuously pestering my mother to get me those colorful candies or I wouldn’t eat the good food! However, I proudly call myself a successful sweet-manager for my kid now.           

It’s a regular affair with kids, you know, craving for sweets. Science backs it, so do our own childhood experiences.

Our taste-system is built like this – it accepts sweet, it discards bitter!

Going ahead, I will share some of my sweet tips and tricks with all the awesome mothers out there on how to control your kids’ sugar cravings and offer them some super-amazing low sugar foods they can’t reject. But before doing so, let’s understand how the sweet monster is doing its job all fine.

Given the availability of sugar-processed foods in the market, it’s so much easier for your kid to consume more than 60 grams of sugar every day. That’s worrisome, for a fact. According to a study, food products with 5g or less of total sugars per 100g are considered as low sugar foods. If your kid is eating brownies (say) for breakfast along with a glass of chocolate milk – 60 grams sugar is a bare minimum.           

It was just last year when I researched this topic and whoa, I was completely baffled. I wasn’t aware that my kid is eating that much sugar every day. But, I was resolute enough to bring about a healthy change in my kid’s diet plan and the magic followed.     

This was just the beginning! I read and re-read, researched, conducted various discussions with my fellows, and started executing some sweet plans for my kid. I am now going to make you an integral part of my sharing circle, so we can together lead this much-needed revolution for our kids.

Our goal here is to cut down on the added sugars and replace them with their natural counterparts. Let the action begin, fellow mommas! 


1. Involve to Evolve

Grab your kid’s attention in the health department by involving him or her while preparing sweet (read – healthy sweet) delicacies. I do it almost every time and my little one loves it totally. 

For instance, if your kid dears flavoured yogurt (and you hate it silently; courtesy –added sugar), offer him something colorful yet healthy as a replacement. The visual appeal matters especially when it comes to children. So, you hit right there – get some raspberries, apples, bananas, and whatever fruit your kid prefers, and display your aesthetic knacks to the best. Let your kid mix the assorted fruits in plain yogurt and wait for the magic to happen. 

Make this a practice and you will soon witness the sweet departure of your worries.

Low Sugar Foods 02

Also, if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to indulge in something like I mentioned above, try Slurrp Farm’s Natural Banana Powder and Organic Jaggery Powder that come with no additives to make some super-amazing yogurt recipes for your kid.


2. Top the toppings 

The good (not so), old jam was an absolute favorite of my kid. Be it bread or pancake, nothing but jam topped everything. And, I was super-adamant to break the circle and bring in some healthy variants to my kid’s palate. Which once started as a desperate attempt to cut down on my child’s sugar intake has now become a routine fun activity.  

The only thing that changed – toppings!

Bidding farewell to jam and its close family members like syrup and chocolate spreads, I switched to peanut butter, cottage cheese and simple butter. And believe me, everything adjusted itself. 

Pro tip: Don’t overwhelm your kid at once. Begin slow and win big!

Low Sugar Foods 03


3. Break the series: Swap the cereal 

If your kid loves cereal, choose plain variants that come with no added sugar. Tote up brown sugar, fruits, and milk to make your kid’s cereal time extra-exciting.   

My kid is a big fan of Slurrp Farm’s Millet & Oats Cereal besides their Sprouted Ragi variant. From baby snacks to superfood cereals, Slurrp Farm offers a wide variety of low sugar foods and helps you cut down on your kid’s sugar intake effortlessly. You can even get some healthy cookies from Slurrp Farm and reward your kid occasionally. 

So, do your homework, clear the table, bring in some healthy sugar alternatives, and celebrate the sweetness like never before!

Low Sugar Foods 04


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