14 Month Old Baby Food – Healthy Food Chart For Kids

by slurrp

At 14 months, your little one must be crawling on their hands and knees or scooting on the bums. Beginning to use a spoon and drinking from their sippy cups! Such a visual delight to watch them feed themselves using their thumbs and forefingers. Aww, cute! So, let’s be mindful of the kind of foods they should be eating by now. Little tummies are looking for appetizing finger foods and energy-packed nutritious meals to keep them energized throughout the day.  

We have healthy food charts for your dearest 14-month-old. Here you go!

Check out what we have in store for a 13-month-old baby


First Day

Breakfast: Oats apple porridge

Mid-Morning Snack: Fruits Chat

Lunch: Kadhi Rice

Evening Snack: Cheese Breadsticks

Dinner: Methi Parantha


Second Day 

Breakfast: Aloo Parantha

Mid-Morning Snack: Coconut water

Lunch: Moong Dal Khichdi with pumpkin raita

Evening Snack: Ragi Cake

Dinner: Wheat Almond Porridge


Third day

Breakfast: Ragi dosa

Mid-Morning Snack: Stewed apple

Lunch: Sweet rice

Evening Snack: Carrot potato Balls

Dinner: Tinda vegetable with chapati


Fourth Day

Breakfast: Veg Poha

Mid-Morning Snack: Fruit Milkshake

Lunch: Palak Khichdi with lauki raita

Evening Snack: Pomegranate juice

Dinner: Ragi Sheera 

Fifth Day

Breakfast: Boiled egg/ paneer

Mid-Morning Snack: Banana mango smoothie 

Lunch: Lemon rice with curd

Evening Snack: Cheese Rolls

Dinner: Mint aloo with chapati 


Sixth Day

Breakfast: Wheat banana Pancake

Mid-Morning Snack: Coconut water

Lunch: Lauki khichdi

Evening Snack: Banana kheer

Dinner: Idli sambhar


Seventh Day

Breakfast: Moong Dal Cheela

Mid-Morning Snack: Pineapple shake

Lunch: Mix veg Khichdi

Evening Snack: Hara bhara kabab

Dinner: Suji peas porridge

14 Month Old Baby Food 02


First Day

Breakfast: Ragi choco bite with milk

Mid-Morning Snack: Fruits yogurt

Lunch: Curd rice

Evening Snack: Beetroot halwa

Dinner: Barley porridge


Second Day 

Breakfast: Spinach Parantha with tomato chutney

Mid-Morning Snack: Coconut water with any fruit

Lunch: Dal and rice

Evening Snack: Papaya

Dinner: Ragi idli with coconut chutney


Third day

Breakfast: Oat and almond porridge

Mid-Morning Snack: Orange and peach juice

Lunch: Moong dal khichdi with curd

Evening Snack: Paneer cubes

Dinner: Lauki vegetable with chapati


Fourth Day

Breakfast: Veg upma

Mid-Morning Snack: Banana Milkshake

Lunch: Ragi porridge

Evening Snack: Orange juice

Dinner: Jaggery chapati ghee laddo 

Fifth Day

Breakfast: Ragi dosa with green chutney

Mid-Morning Snack: Chickoo shake 

Lunch: Sweet rice

Evening Snack: Cheese bread sticks

Dinner: Onion paratha


Sixth Day

Breakfast: Thepla

Mid-Morning Snack: Coconut water

Lunch: Lauki khichdi

Evening Snack: Paneer anjeer walnut burfi

Dinner: Multigrain roti with dal


Seventh Day

Breakfast: Paneer and Mint paratha with tomato chutney

Mid-Morning Snack: Paneer and Mint paratha with tomato chutney

Lunch: Mix veg Khichdi

Evening Snack: Sandesh

Dinner: Curd rice with grated cucumber

14 Month Old Baby Food 03

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14 Month Old Baby Food 04


First Day

Breakfast: Wheat pancake with honey

Mid-Morning Snack: Strawberry yogurt

Lunch: Multigrain roti with pumpkin vegetable

Evening Snack: Mashed cauliflower and potato in some cheese

Dinner: Barley porridge


Second Day 

Breakfast: Veg poha

Mid-Morning Snack: Apple  

Lunch: Vegetable khichdi

Evening Snack:  Mix veg soup

Dinner: Dal and chapati


Third day

Breakfast: Thepla 

Mid-Morning Snack: Pear and apple

Lunch: Multigrain roti with hari moong dal

Evening Snack: Paneer sticks 

Dinner: Palak khichdi with curd


Fourth Day

Breakfast: Veg daliya 

Mid-Morning Snack: Banana Milkshake

Lunch: Chapati and tori vegetable and cucumber raita

Evening Snack: Seviyan

Dinner: Methi paratha with tomato chutney

Fifth Day

Breakfast: Banana wheat pancakes

Mid-Morning Snack: Sweet lime juice

Lunch: Ragi dosa with paneer

Evening Snack: Mango and strawberry yogurt

Dinner: Paratha with paneer bhurji


Sixth Day

Breakfast: Veg upma

Mid-Morning Snack: Coconut Water

Lunch: Vegetable Khichri with Curd

Evening Snack: Sweet lassi with chopped strawberry

Dinner: Non-spicy pav bhaji


Seventh Day

Breakfast: Broccoli suji upma

Mid-Morning Snack: Boiled channa chat with fruits

Lunch: Multigrain rati with boiled and mashed potato and beetroot vegetable

Evening Snack: Lemon coriander soup

Dinner: Peas and onion rice

14 Month Old Baby Food 05


First Day

Breakfast: Sorghum puff porridge

Mid-Morning Snack: Chopped pear

Lunch: Multigrain roti with dal

Evening Snack: Sev Murmura

Dinner: Curd rice with grated cucumber


Second Day 

Breakfast: Sprouted moong dal chilla with green chutney

Mid-Morning Snack: Banana yogurt

Lunch: Jeera rice with dal fry

Evening Snack: Stewed apple

Dinner: Bajra and wheat roti with dal methi


Third day

Breakfast: Wheat sheera

Mid-Morning Snack: Boiled egg/paneer

Lunch: Mooli paratha with white butter and curd

Evening Snack: Cubed chickoo

Dinner: Vegetable khichdi


Fourth Day

Breakfast: Veg upma

Mid-Morning Snack: Grapes, apple smoothie

Lunch: Non-spicy pav bhaji

Evening Snack: Palak Soup

Dinner: Bajra rabri

Fifth Day

Breakfast: Oats porridge

Mid-Morning Snack: Coconut water

Lunch: Multigrain roti with lauki vegetable

Evening Snack: Grated apple

Dinner: Lemon rice 


Sixth Day

Breakfast: Ragi paneer dosa 

Mid-Morning Snack: Scooped melon and watermelon

Lunch: Beetroot khichdi 

Evening Snack: Steamed corns

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with homemade tomato puree


Seventh Day

Breakfast: Vegetable dalia 

Mid-Morning Snack: Coconut water 

Lunch: Vegetable khichdi with grated cucumber raita

Evening Snack: Tomato soup with cream

Dinner: Vegetable idli

14 Month Old Baby Food 06


1. Make sure to follow the 3-day rule. Note down the new ingredients introduced in the baby’s diet to look out for any allergic reactions

    2. It is common for babies to reject unfamiliar foods, as they wean. Be patient and keep offering a variety of foods. Do not worry, this is perfectly normal

      3. Please remember that some foods can irritate your baby’s digestive system. Avoid highly spicy or greasy foods. Also, avoid foods that could easily cause choking

        4. If your baby as several episodes of vomiting after trying new food, has diarrhea, develops a rash, or swelling of the lips or eyes, he or she may be having an allergic reaction. Stop the feeding and call your pediatrician

        14 Month Old Baby Food 07

        This post is co-authored by Ms Aditi Mehrotra, a two-time gold medalist- health educator, DIETED & Co-founder, Arney’s  Fitkids-  School Nutrition Program. Her diet dictate is: “Diet is not a deprivation but a slight deviation from the normal. Love yourself! Make yourself a priority. Nourish your body and soul!”


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