Best Mom Cookbooks On How To Cook Baby Food

by slurrp

When it comes to introducing solids to your baby, it is recommended to provide them with nutritious, unprocessed home-made meals as much as possible. While it is fine to give your little one convenient, ready-made baby food when they cry hunger, complementing them with wholesome meals made with fresh, quality ingredients, is a great way to nurture their palates and inculcate healthy eating habits in them from the start.

If you need some guidance in cooking nutritious food for your baby’s evolving taste buds, then you can turn to the baby and toddler food experts for recipes. To that end, we have listed here the best no-fuss mom cookbooks for babies to get you started on your culinary journey with your little one.

1. Top 100 Baby Purees

This is the perfect introductory resource for new parents. Apart from 100 healthy and delicious purees, this cookbook has informative facts on how to prep and store baby meals and simple, practical advice for the initial stages of weaning. It features first-month menu planners, tips to help parents encourage their babies to explore new tastes and textures, and answers to questions regarding fussy and messy eaters, allergies, and weight concerns.



2. Slurrp Farm Recipe Book

Vivid and riveting, Slurrp Farm’s Recipe Book is your perfect partner when it comes to cooking delicious yet healthy baby food. From detailed recipes to interesting health facts, this cookbook inspires you to take your cooking skills a notch higher and give health to kids in remarkable ways. Prepare some delightful recipes including Vegetable Pizza Dosa, Dosa Cutlet, Churros, etc. for your kids with the help of Slurrp Farm’s Recipe book and take them by surprise!


3. Little Foodie: Baby Food Recipes for Babies and Toddlers with Taste

This one is a playfully interactive cookbook that helps parents cook up some culinary adventure for the new member of the family. From what ingredients to buy and how to prepare them, to the best way to preserve them and how to feed them to your baby, it answers all your queries.


4. Sage Spoonfuls

With hundreds of recipes prepared with a combination of cooking-from-scratch and using store-bought ingredients, this is a great resource for busy parents. It has a variety of tips with details on everything from basic nutrition facts to food allergies, as well as which foods to avoid at particular stages of development.


5. Starting Solids

This is a useful book for parents weaning baby and starting on solids for the first time. Loaded with simple and practical recipes, it gives valuable advice on how to put together ingredients, experiment with new tastes and textures and how to tackle feeding problems. What’s more, it also does the meal-planning for you!


6. Le Petit Appetit

This cookbook is for parents preferring healthy, organic alternatives to commercially processed foods, and those who want to nurture positive eating habits in their children. It has delicious recipes along with nutritional information for each, besides time-saving hacks and suggestions on how to modify family recipes for younger children.



With the perfect motto of “one family, one meal”, this cookbook emphasizes on getting kids to eat by showing how their food is prepared and presented without being stealthy about it. It also has useful tips for creating easy, healthy, and quick recipes that parents and young children of any age will love.


8. Start Fresh

This new cookbook for baby food, by celebrity chef Tyler Florence, packs in all that parents need to prepare nutritious, unprocessed food that their babies will love to eat. The book is divided into stages that progress with the growth of the baby. It starts with steamed vegetable purees and then goes to multi-ingredient meals for one-year-olds. Beyond that, there are recipes the whole family can enjoy because, after all, parents need to eat too!


These are some of the recipe books to guide you. Nevertheless, even the best baby food cookbook won’t mention the ingredient that you always put in while cooking for your little one and it is the generous doses of love, care, and dedication that makes your preparation so yummy and delightful to your little one.






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