Food For Pregnant Women – Cravings That Are Actually Good

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Swapping stories of pregnancy cravings can be quite a favorite with moms-to-be but there is no scientific correlation between cravings and the nutritional needs of pregnant women. This is a time when you may need to strike the balance between giving in to your cravings and consuming unhealthy, high-calorie foods. Not all cravings are unhealthy, though. Here are some foods for pregnant women that may indulge your cravings while giving your health just the right boost. 

1. Crazy about Chocolates

Chocolate is probably one of the most common cravings experienced by pregnant women. Many believe that chocolate cravings correspond to the gender of the child. While this may be scientifically untenable, chocolate does provide essential flavonoids (anti-oxidants), iron, and magnesium. To keep the caloric value low, it is best to consume chocolate-flavored health foods such as Slurrp Farm’s chocolate-flavored millet pancakes which come with the goodness of ragi and foxtail millets. If it’s a quick bite you’re looking for Slurrp Farm’s chocolate and ragi cookies are just perfect.   


2. Sweet Nothings

It is quite common to crave for something sweet during your pregnancy. These sweet cravings often lead women to seek out scoops of ice creams, heavy desserts, pastries and cakes, and other sweet dishes. These are high in calories and lead to unnecessary and unhealthy weight gain during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is another risk that is compounded by sweet cravings during pregnancy. Healthy food for pregnant women must include organic jaggery. Not only will this satiate the sweet cravings but will also provide much-needed iron content. Jaggery promotes digestion, preventing constipation. Make Slurrp Farm 100% organic jaggery powder a pantry staple when you are pregnant.

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3. Crunchy Munchies

Pregnancy is a time when your caloric need is higher and so is the need for micronutrients that are essential for the development of the baby. Cravings, however, lead us to pick the wrong foods. These are foods that are high on caloric value but low on nutrition, thus providing no significant health benefit to mother and child. Slurrp Farm’s Mighty Munch and Mighty Puffs are both snacks made with ragi, jowar, and contain no transfat or maida. They are low on sugar and are not fried. They are made from all-natural ingredients with no hydrogenated fats or additives, making them very healthy for a pregnant woman.  



4. All About Nuts

The desire to consume something nutty is another common pregnancy craving. Nuts are high in energy and add a great flavor to your meal. Slurrp Farm’s nut powder is a 100% organic superfood that brings with it the perfect combination of almonds, cashews, pistachios and also adds the immunity boosting qualities of saffron and turmeric. This is one craving that can certainly be good for you and the little one.

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5. Yes to Fruits

Fruits are essential foods for healthy women. Not only do they contain natural sugars, but they are also high on vitamins and minerals. A medium-sized bowl of fruit salad can be an excellent snack and the perfect answer to your pregnancy cravings. If real fruits are just not handy try adding a spoon of Slurrp Farm’s 100% natural banana powder to your milk. Made from natural bananas it provides potassium and magnesium while keeping your sodium intake low. It contains no additives or preservatives and no added sugar.   If you develop lactose intolerance during pregnancy, you may also add the banana powder to prepare some yummy dishes like cakes and other desserts. 

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With respect to COVID – 19, pregnant women need to be more cautious as the immune system’s efficacy dips during pregnancy, which places them at a higher risk of contracting many transmissible illnesses. Official recommendations during pregnancy are (i) avoid crowds; (ii) stay away from sick people or those showing mild symptoms of flu; (iii) washing hands frequently and not touching your face. For your pregnancy checkups consulting your doctors online is highly recommended.




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