Parents Staying Sane During Social Distancing – 5 Kids Activities To Keep Them Busy!

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By Siddhanth Banerjee

Our current predicament does seem and feels quite dramatic. Indeed, it can be compared to the dystopian movies we all used to love watching; never did it occur to us that we could be in a somewhat similar situation one day! Those movies were great fun and full of action but they never really showed the backend lives of the survivors. Being quarantined at home with your family can lose its romance really quickly, with kids getting restless and parents being at a loss for how to keep them busy!

Kids’ activities to keep them engaged are really important, especially in a situation where a home quarantine can potentially be extended.

Here are some basic but fun children activities to keep the little ones busy:

1. Just keep flipping

Do your kids keep making excuses to not read? Well, there are none now! This is a great time to get those pages flipping as it not only makes time fly but is educational for both you and your children. You can raid your home book collection and if these somehow run out, e-book accessibility is something you need not worry about. They are widely available for free online and open up a whole world of reading material.



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2. It’s not all fun and games!

Keeping your kids engaged is not all fun and games, parents often need to put a bit of thought behind this. With schools and offices shut, this can be a great time for some family bonding with board games. Dust off the old boxes and rediscover them, analog is often still a lot of fun in these digital times. Board games are great kid activities for stimulating your little one and tiring them out too! 

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3. Catering to the sweet tooth or cardio for the little one?

Kids now have no excuse to not help in the kitchen. This, however, doesn’t have to be drab! If you are stocked up with the ingredients you need, baking can be a great way to keep your kid active and busy. You never know, they might just like cooking so much that this kids activity becomes a full-blown kitchen takeover! As we moms know, all this cooking is exertion enough for the kids to be off to bed in no time.

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4. Learning something new

Has your kid been treading water on an instrument for some time? Put on some online lessons, and get them on a learning routine. Musical instruments are fantastic for creative brain development along with being a lifelong gift to your child. Starting out can be tedious though, now could be a great time to put in the work.


5. Bossy little one? Put them in charge!

Does your little one love getting their hands dirty? As long as it doesn’t make too much of a mess at home, now is a great time to get artsy. There are online options galore for DIY colouring, drawing, sketching and craft activities or perhaps LEGOs?


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