Indoor Activities For Kids To Keep Them Engaged When They Are Bored

by slurrp

What doesn’t kill you make you stronger – ‘Boredom wears Kelly Clarkson’s opinion (I shy away from calling this a fact because universe rejects it at times) like a crown and I adore it, truly until my 5-year-old comes to me, makes weird (yet cute) faces and declares out loud – ‘Mama, I am so bored!’ This is where my mind starts running from planning some interesting indoor activities for kids to just wandering aimlessly because, whoosh, I can get bored too.

The real struggle begins when he puts his head down or starts hurling his things in the air for no reason whatsoever. Yes, yes – you got it right – FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER – Boredom does exactly that. It sucks the reason out of life and we are left with nothing to do! While adults come up with their coping mechanisms, kids find it a little difficult to manage their carefree minds and end up getting bored in ways unimaginable. This is where you (as parents) need to come up and take him or her to a world where boredom feels like a blessing – yes, it just needs a perspective shift to be this positive about so-called deadly things. 

Devise creative strategies

Thanks to my creative knacks, I could devise some creative strategies that befriended my kid’s boredom and opened up a magical world in front of his hazel eyes (oh, I love them so much)! 

Good things don’t come easyI tried and tested several things before I finally came out with a solid list that can actually benefit a lot of parents out there who are suffering (not always but kind of) from their kid’s boredom!         

Don’t just have a look; plan them already!

Two brilliant indoor activities for kids even adults won’t feel bored of:

1. Kitchen – now your kid’s domain too!



I remember whenever my mother took me to the kitchen, how outwardly the entire thing felt! But soon I developed a taste for cooking and everything changed. I actually started enjoying cooking with my mother and that’s perhaps the only reason that I am a decent cook now! (*mama modest*).                 

My history inspired me to plan some fun cooking activities with my cute heart and let me tell you how I executed them!      

All about pancakes

My kid loves to eat pancakes and that’s the first dish we prepared together. While I let my kid mix all the ingredients together, I took charge of the hot griddle. (Obviously, I don’t want my kid to be around that ‘danger’ area – mama will manage that all). I taught him how to flip pancakes and told him not to get upset if the shapes don’t appear alright. He did exactly the same (Oh! my quick learner). 

We used butter, vanilla, and eggs to prepare the batter mixture. The electric mixer was well avoided though. I was constantly looking at his small hands when he was mixing everything so well. The batter came out oh-so-perfect and I planted a well-deserved kiss on his adorable face. He smiled at me and resumed his work (Pinch me, someone!)  I heated the griddle. He flipped them under my supervision. Pancakes were ready to be served. I cut some bananas and he insisted on adding some chocolate sauce. I did the same – obviously, he deserved a chocolaty reward!      

We also prepared some other hearty dishes together – simple, kid-friendly dishes. We baked muffins, prepared dosas, cookies, veggie pizza and so on!  His boredom definitely took a backseat after we did some really fun cooking together and the saga still continues. 

If you are not much of a cook and find it difficult to manage things, I suggest you get some readymade powder mixtures and prepare healthy snacks for kids, with kids.  You can go for Slurrp Farm’s Millet Pancakes and Millet Dosa mix and make your cooking session with your kid extra scrumptious and definitely healthy! 

One Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

 2. Other Indoor Fun Activities For Your Kid


From creating a scavenger hunt where you let them find a treasure using quirky cues to playing a board game together, from organizing your kid’s personal jingle singing competition (where you must lose, mark my words!) to let your kid write a fun story or a poem, there are numerous ways in which you can discourage your kid’s boredom (and yours too). You can also inspire your kid to take up small cleaning tasks or plan a cute sunbathing session with him. For the latter, use your courtyard or terrace, get the most comfortable chairs out, prepare a cool kid-friendly summer drink and embrace the sun like never before. 

If you are a working mother like I am, you can also go for kids’ movie screenings or bowling over the weekends. You can also take your little heart to kids’ karaoke singing sessions or maybe organize one at home (if that’s not too much for you to do)!

In the end, you know your kid better. So plan everything that your kid would love to do and kick-off the boredom like it never existed in the first place! 

Take my blessings already!

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