Healthy Snacks For Kids – Oats, Jaggery And Almond Brownies

by slurrp

These healthy snacks for kid are a delicious option when you want to share an oats jaggery and almond brownies treat with your family that’s low in sugar and higher in nutrients. With perfect crisp crackly tops and chewy centers, these brownies hit all the right notes. This fudgy and delicious brownie recipe comes together in one bowl in just a few minutes!

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Did you ever think how could something with oats taste decadent? Well! This healthy snack for kids (and adults) makes use of oatmeal and the yummy brownie also gets a distinct texture, all thanks to oats- a single grain food that is easy on your baby’s digestive system.

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Also, worry not about the sugar content. All the healthy snacks for kids where sugar is included should be replaced with jaggery powder.

Rich in calcium, phosphorous, iron, and other minerals, jaggery powder is an immunity-boosting food. The calorific value of jaggery from cane sugar is 383 kcal and from sesame seeds is 563 kcal for 100 grams. 

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Make the most of your quiet time indoors during the quarantine. Give your little ones a reason to smile and spread their cheer around. Rush to the kitchen, get hold of oats, jaggery, and almonds to make healthy brownies. Give this recipe an easy twist by adding your favorite chocolate flavors or other ingredients to the mixture. 

Oats Jaggery And Almond Brownies:


1. 3/4th cup Slurrp Farm Jaggery Powder

2. 1/2 cup oil

3. One cup melted chocolate

4. 1/2 cup of Slurrp Farm Oats Powder

5. 2 Eggs (or 3/4 cup curd)

6. 1/4th cup cocoa powder

7. 1/4th cup ground almonds

8. 1/4th tsp baking soda

9. 1/4th tsp salt

10. One tsp vanilla essence

11. A little bit crushed chocolate




1. Mix jaggery and oil. 



2. Add melted chocolate and curd (or eggs).



3. Add oats powder, ground almonds, and cocoa powder. 



4. Add baking powder, salt and vanilla essence.



5. Mix everything and the batter is ready. 



6. Put it in the oven at 120 degrees for 15-20 mins and your brownie is ready to be served. 


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