Taimur’s Diet Chart- Back to Basics Works Best!

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Taimur Ali Khan is currently the nation’s heartthrob child. Born in end of December 2016, this little bundle of joy is quickly growing up but not growing out of fashion! Paparazzi and the tabloids have fallen in love with this cute, happy and bubbly toddler that has moms nationwide drooling over how cute he is. While a lot of this is from the benefit of having superstar genes, a lot of it comes from careful parenting and Taimur’s diet chart!

 Baby Weaning Guide – Everything A New Mother Needs To Know

Here’s what Kareena Kapoor had to say about important boxes to tick during pregnancy, to ensure a healthy and happy baby:

1. Have lots of ghee

Ghee is a desi superfood that many people have recently rediscovered. A rich source of healthy fats, this was a staple of Kareena Kapoor’s pregnancy diet to keep herself and her baby nourished. She added that she did not give up eating the things she loved, but just maintained moderation and ate everything in the right quantity at the right time.

2. Say yes to all vegetables

If it’s green it’s good! The superstar mommy made sure she said yes to all vegetables, even the not so tasty ones like bitter gourd (karela), bottle gourd (lauki) and ridged gourd (turai) during her pregnancy. She also made sure that these were a part of Taimur’s baby food developed an appetite for the same. The not tasty vegetables are often the healthiest!

3. Sleep well

Sleep is severely underrated. A good night of sleep can do wonders and is a necessity for everyone, even more so for a pregnant mom. The actress attributed her habit of waking up early for the pregnancy glow. During her pregnancy, she usually went to bed around 10:30 pm and woke up around 7:30 am.

4. Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is rightfully called the most important meal of the day as this is where you get the nutrients that get your day started. Even if you are not a breakfast person or do not have the habit of having breakfast as you wake up, we suggest that you develop the same.



To quote Kareena, “I need food the moment I wake up. My brains don’t work, otherwise. I have a good breakfast like poha, eggs, and toast or ajwain paratha.” This applies to baby food as well, a healthy breakfast can kick start your little one’s day!

5. Stay active

Pregnancy can be rough! The key to tiding it over is to stay active. Staying mentally and physically active ensures a healthy body, which in turn creates a nourishing environment for your baby. Kareena Kapoor ensured that she was not sedentary during her pregnancy. 

The very popular ‘Taimur Diet Chart’:

It’s clear that by the time Taimur came into this world, his mommy had already been taking very good care of him! As an infant his baby food included carrot cereal, he was then slowly introduced to simple home-cooked food over time. Even now Taimur’s diet chart does not allow outside food and he is on a diet that is strictly monitored and implemented by his mom. Taimur’s diet chart includes khichdi, idli, dosa, and other healthy homemade dishes. Kareena, in fact, makes sure that she teaches her son the importance of saying yes to all vegetables and was quoted as saying, “He eats whatever fruits and vegetables are available. Today he actually had Saag for lunch and he normally doesn’t like it but I have been shoving it down his throat so now he’s got used to it so he actually ate the food.” 

All this really goes to show that for babies, their mothers and everyone in general too, diet is the key to health. It is not without reason that people say that exercising without a good diet is pointless. These points are especially critical when it comes to baby food and your child, as this is when the food they eat gives them the building blocks for building their immunity.

All this can sound daunting, but you’re not alone! There is an entire community of moms online who you can turn to for help and advice. To begin with, have a look at our 6-month baby food chart.

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