Simple Snack For Kids Made By Kids Under 10 Minutes

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Locked inside the home under quarantine? As a parent, I’ve been struggling to keep my children engaged (innovatively). And, I’m sure your story is the same. While we are managing household chores, and also looking for opportunities to keep our little ones entertained, healthy (fun) cooking often goes for a toss. But, the other day while watching a video of my friend preparing a simple snack for kids. A batch of yummy 5-min microwave cupcakes and I felt like she has got this right. Her kids are happy, she’s not complaining and they’re all eating healthy foods. 

So, I’ve been meaning to write this since last week. In these 7 days, I’ve made some simple snack for kids, not one but SIX. 

So, let’s put on the kitchen robe and try out at least one simple snack for kids that your little one will love too.

Make sure the tasks you assign to your children are age-appropriate. No matter what the age is, all kids should be supervised. Also, embrace the mess! You can expect a few more messes when kids are in the kitchen. They are learning as they go, and the more practice they get, the more they learn.

Young toddlers can help dump or pour premeasured ingredients into a bowl, pot, or pan. This is a good time to teach them to stir, even if they need assistance. Something as minor as letting them press the button on a blender or food processor can help children feel included. As they get older, they can help measure or count amounts for an ingredient. For example, 3 eggs or 2 cups of corn. 

Indoor Activities For Kids To Keep Them Engaged When They Are Bored

You could try making one (or all) simple snack for kids from this list:

1. Rainbow fruit skewers

These vitamin-packed fruit skewers are a simple, colorful and fun way to get kids to eat fruit. A big platter presented in rainbow-shape, that’s vibrant and appetizing. Just cut some fresh fruits you’ve recently ordered from the grocery shop. It’s an easy, fun, nutritious, and delicious idea of a healthy snack for kids.

2. Dried fruit energy nuggets 

Give your kids an instant energy boost with these nutritionally-balanced healthy dried fruit bites. Whizz together sesame seeds, chia seeds, apricots, dates, and cherries in a food processor until the dried fruits are finely chopped. Dip the mixture into a bowl and use your hands to work into coconut oil. Shape the mixture into walnut-sized balls, then roll in sesame seeds. Store in an airtight container until you need a quick energy fix. Do not fret if the ingredients aren’t available in your kitchen. You could use a nut powder, some wheat flour, oats powder, and jaggery to make ladoos. 

Also, try spinach fritters: best healthy Indian evening snacks for kids.

3. Apple crisp

This recipe is all about the fallen apple so it’s up to you if you wish to peel off the skin or not. Some apple crisp recipes don’t use oats, which is totally fine if that’s your thing, but we LOVE the crispy oat topping. Bake the chopped apples topped with rolled oats and enjoy the hot apple crisp with a cold scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

4. Mango and banana smoothie

You could start your little one’s day with a flavourful fruit smoothie. This drink is as delicious as breakfast but also serves well as an afternoon snack for kids or even a frosty dessert. Blend mangos, banana powder,  yogurt, and milk in a blender until smooth and you are all set.


5. Instant frozen mango or berry or (any easily available fruit) yogurt

This healthy 5-minute frozen yogurt is so replacing ice-cream this summer. It’s made with just 3 ingredients and takes under 5 minutes to make. This delicious homemade frozen yogurt can make use of your child’s favorite flavored fruit (if not berries, you could use mango or banana powder or strawberries), yogurt and honey/jaggery powder. Simply combine all the ingredients in your food processor or blender and blend for 1-2 minutes or until the mixture is creamy. You can refrigerate for an ice-cream like texture.

6. Grilled Dosa Sandwich 

This is basically some veggies sandwiched between 2 small uthappams. Addition of green chutney adds a nice flavor to the entire sandwich. Check out the entire recipe. These are easy to make and great for kids. Moms, watch as your toddler finishes this snack and asks for more.


So break them out of their jam-sandwich-on-white-bread rut and get them in the kitchen with these inventive snack ideas.

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