Guilt-Free Ragi Recipe For Quarantine Cooking- Ragi Ladoo

by slurrp

We are lucky because the Indian landscape is rich and provides a wealth of healthy grains in abundance. One such with great benefits is Finger Millets aka ‘Ragi’.

Ragi recipes are usually one of the most nutritious and healthy. Ragi is rich in calcium, protein, vitamin, fiber, and carbohydrate. Ragi ladoos are delicious sweet balls made using ragi flour, ghee, natural sweetener, and some nuts. Yes, you heard it right. Made with just 4 ingredients, this ragi recipe is tasty and very easy to make. We have used jaggery as a sweetener here and added cashew nut bits and mildly favored the ladoos with cardamom powder, but the addition of nuts is purely optional. This ragi recipe serves as a healthy tasty snack for kids and adults alike and can be made on special occasions too. 

Your child’s daily nutritional needs are being met through this yummy ragi recipe.

So, are you trying this power-packed easy ragi recipe for your little and loved ones? 

Ragi Ladoo


1. ½ Cup Slurrp Farm Organic Sprouted Ragi (finger millet) flour

2. 1/2 Cup Organic Jaggery Powder

3. One Cup dates (seedless)

4. One Tbsp ghee

5. One Tbsp poppy seeds

6. 1/2 Sesame seeds

7. Two Tbsp almonds (chopped/powdered) 

8. Two Tbsp raisins (chopped/powdered)

All the nuts can be substituted for Slurrp Farm Organic Nut Powder



1. Heat 1 tbsp ghee in a deep pan and roast 1 cup Ragi (finger millet) flour. On a low flame for about 5 – 7 mins.



2. Grind together, some lightly roasted dry fruits.



3. In a bowl mix the roasted ragi, ground dry fruits, 1/2 cup of organic powdered jaggery. Add 2 tbsp warm ghee/butter to hold the mix together. 



4. If you like the flavour, add 1 tbsp cardamom powder to the mix.



5. Use your hands to mold the mix into round balls. Use more ghee if they are too dry and crumbling.



6. Your healthy Foxtail Millet Ladoo Ragi Ladoo is ready! Enjoy the guilt-free binging!


Did you try the soft and deliciously addictive ragi ladoos? Please share your quarantine recipe with us and what are you cooking in your kitchen to keep your loved ones happy and get featured.

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