“I Am Very Grateful For My Life” – Says Shireen Irani

by slurrp

Meet Shireen Irani 

Founder of iProbono in 2009, Shireen has worked in law and development across the UK, India, and the US. She has been recognized by HM The Queen, the UK Prime Minister, and the Asian Women of Achievement, with the Financial Times naming her ‘Legal Innovator of the Year’.

Get to know Shireen Irani:

1. Words I live by…

There’s always tomorrow.

2. Why do I love to feed my family healthy food?

We need to balance out the unhealthy food once and a while.

3. A dream I am turning into reality is

A more just world, through iProbono.

4. How are you keeping stress at bay (now that the whole family is home)?

Remembering how lucky we are compared to the many people who are truly struggling.

5. Is there anything that you wish had been different about life/parenting/motherhood?

Nothing. I’m very grateful for my life. Well, it would have been nice if the kids were capable of making me tea and toast from day one.

6. What do you think the greatest invention has been during your lifetime?

The internet.

7. What’s the easiest thing about being a mother?

Feeding them, soo many great options like Slurrp Farm.

About iProbono’s:

Its mission is to protect the most vulnerable and to secure equal access to justice and opportunity. They strengthen the hand of civil society; represent people who are marginalized in upholding their basic rights; and advocate for the rule of law, policy change, and active citizenship to combat injustice and entrench human rights.


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