Natural Immune Booster For Kids – A Different Kind Of Pudding

by slurrp

By Monalisa Mehrotra

Can we please agree that breakfast is the best meal of the day? Does your little one try to skip it and come out with creative excuses? Well, we have you covered. Because breakfast is awesome, and healthy, and very important, just like every other meal. We don’t have to spend hours making it or make 5 different things. Just one is enough as long as your little one eats it. The ingredients used in the recipe act as a natural immune booster for kids and is a breakfast superpower.

The recipe is the natural immune booster for kids. The delicate golden strands of saffron add decadence to any dessert, lending it the richness of flavor, depth of color, and an aura of celebration. What makes it even more satisfying to eat this saffron chia pudding is that it is super healthy – Chia seeds are brimming with omega-3 fatty acids, a wealth of antioxidants and minerals, and are a complete source of protein. You guys know that turmeric is sort of “in” right now.  People are discovering the amazing health benefits and are trying to find ways to get more of in their diets. Think antioxidant. Think anti-inflammatory. Think immune booster for kids and hence I’m coming with another way to enjoy the rich and spicy flavors of golden milk.

I’m setting you guys up for the week with this golden turmeric milk chia seed pudding which is a natural immune booster for kids and for other alike. Just make a big batch on Monday morning and you are ready with breakfast for the week, which is just what we want right?! No fuss, quick breakfast recipes all week long because who has time for more?

Are you ready to try it?  Like I said this sweet and spicy Golden Milk Chia Pudding makes an awesome breakfast food.  The warming spices are perfect for this time of year. 

Golden Milk Chia Pudding




1. 250 Ml milk (use coconut milk if your child is lactose intolerant)

2. ½ Tbsp good quality turmeric 

3. 1 Tbsp Slurrp Farm Nut Powder (optional)

4. 1 Tbsp Slurrp Farm Chia Seeds

5. Honey or Slurrp Farm Jaggery Powder as a sweetener

6. 4-5 Saffron strands soaked in milk



1. In a saucepan heat milk, add turmeric.



2. Add soaked saffron strands and bring it to a boil.



3. Transfer the milk to a bowl, add Slurrp Farm Chia seeds, and give a good mix.



4. Then add honey or Slurrp Farm Jaggery as per your taste for the sweetness.

5. Cover and refrigerate for 4-5 hours or preferably overnight.

6.  Serve chilled.


A healthy treat that’s perfect for breakfast or a light dessert for the kids. Did you make it? Tag us on @SlurrpFarm.

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