Celebrating Father’s Day With Superdad Suraj Mulani

by slurrp

Meet Suraj Mulani 

Suraj Mulani is an instrument of the universe (like everybody else). He grew up in Dubai, went to university in New York, started a business, climbed mountains, scuba dived, jumped out of a plane – the usual stuff. His life changed when he landed in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh with no itinerary or a return ticket. It changed again when he became a father.

During the past 3 years, he co-founded a children’s museum, spent days and night in forests of redwood trees, glimpsed the meaning of Yoga, visited organic farms and farmers, explored unconventional schools all the while home-schooling, road-schooling, and forest-schooling his two kids across Dubai, California & India.

Get to know him:

1. Words I live by…

“Nishkaam Karma” – Krishna. Action performed without expectation (attachment) to the result.

2. Why I like to eat healthy (or why eating healthy is important for our family)?

Because I love the earth. And because our relationship with the earth starts with food, the soil it comes from, the journey it takes to get to our plate. It all starts with food.

3. A dream I’m turning into reality is?

The last dream I fulfilled was to create a truly awesome and enriching place for children. I was part of the team that created OliOli® Children’s Museum in Dubai. For the present, I’m enjoying the journey of exploring what may come next.

4. What’s that one fun thing you always do with your children?

So many to choose from. If it has to be one, I’d pick reading – storytelling can be stimulating, exciting, thought-provoking, curiosity the building, empathy creating and so much more – both for the listener and the storyteller.

5. If your life would be a reality show, what would it be called?

The un-conditioning of Suraj Mulani.

6. What is the easiest and happiest part of being a parent?

Pausing yourself to watch their life in slow-motion.

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