10 Critical Monsoon Tips For Pregnant Women

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By Tilak Bhardwaj

The delights of downpours accompanied by the thoughts of attaining motherhood in a few months or even days might make you elated. We want you to enjoy the rains to the fullest of extent. At the same time, one must also be very cautious in following the monsoon tips for pregnant women.

In order to ascertain that this monsoon provides you and your yet unborn baby great moments of joy, we have these easy to follow:

Monsoon tips for pregnant women

1. Follow a nutritious diet



Monsoon may be the harbinger of various diseases like malaria, cholera, flu, common cold, etc. It’s therefore imperative to have a strong immune system. Consume warm and freshly prepared food items only. Green vegetables should be among the pregnancy food to avoid, as they have a higher chance of contamination during rains. You should avoid processed sugar and replace it with organic jaggery. The pregnancy first-month diet chart would give you a clearer understanding of what to eat and what not to.


2. Stay Hydrated



Due to the effect of the cooler and more humid atmosphere, you might feel that your body has enough fluids. However, it might not be so and you would still, not wish to intake more water. Dehydration, therefore becomes quite common, leading to headaches or nausea. Stay hydrated, and choose boiled water over cold water.

3. Pregnancy food to avoid

It’s very likely that street food, fruits or salads sold on the street are prepared/washed using contaminated water, or in unhygienic conditions. During the rainy season, these are bound to be smeared with dirt and mud. Unless available fresh and hygienic, these must be avoided. Organic ragi would be a great choice for pregnant women as it contains high amounts of fiber. Hence, it helps in preventing problems related to bowel movement and constipation.


4. Personal Hygiene



Follow simple and generic steps to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Wash your hands prior to cooking or eating, and in all such cases where it is important. Keep a disinfectant with you, almost all the time. 

5. Sanitation of the Surrounding

Your surroundings must be clean, not just during your pregnancy, but at all points of time. Use strong disinfectants, make sure the house gets cleaned almost every day, things are kept well-arranged and rooms are in order. 

6. Stay away from mosquitoes



Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and spread diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. Do keep your home and the surrounding areas clean and dry, lest mosquitoes should start breeding.

7. Dressing Choices

Avoid synthetic fabric clothes, as they do not absorb rashes and can lead to rashes on the skin. Wear clothes made of cotton fabric. Long pants and a full-sleeved top would protect you from mosquito bites. Remember to choose light-colored clothes, given the fact that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. Use only those mosquito repellents that are safe for humans. Using a mosquito net while sleeping would be quite helpful.

8. Choose the right footwear

You need to take extra caution while walking, especially on slippery surfaces that are quite common in monsoon. Choose footwear that provides you a firm grip, and are well-cushioned for your feet’ comfort.

7. Proper Bath



You must ascertain that you take a bath that contains antiseptic and disinfectants. This will kill the germs that might be present on your body. Such baths are relaxing and refreshing for a pregnant woman.

8. Pre-emptive preparedness

Always carry an umbrella when you go out. Keep your phone well charged; carry along with you a power-bank. These things might come handy in difficulties. Keep a first-aid box along with you. Do not miss your appointment with the gynecologists. Don’t hesitate to approach them in case of even the slightest of discomfort.

The monsoon tips for pregnant women that we have enlisted are quite easy to follow and require no hectic arrangement or over-care. However, if followed carefully from the pregnancy first month to the last, these are definite to be a boon for you and your baby. We believe your pregnancy period this monsoon will be jovial.

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