This Diwali Treat Your Loved Ones With 2 Easy Cake Baking Recipes

by slurrp

By Simran Oberoi Multani

Diwali us here! From lights, delicious homemade sweets and goodies, the festival is all about spreading cheer. It’s also the time to remember your near and dear ones. So what if this year restricts our movements. We can still send them warm greetings…Let Diwali 2020 be the occasion for us to light diyas and candles all around the house to embrace happiness and spread optimism.

“All the lights of the world cannot be compared even to a ray of the inner light of the self. Merge yourself in this light and enjoy the festival of lights.”

Not to forget, gorging on all those homemade sweets and festive delicacies. From those warm gulab jamuns and ladoos to the crunchy karanjis, chaklis and sev, everything is relished with an unparalleled enthusiasm during this time. This Diwali lets try something different, lets ditch these usual options and try thora hatt-ke (different)!

So, here are some easy cake baking recipes for you and your little ones. This Diwali, let’s get unconventional, break the age-old norms and try stuffing our mouths with healthy yummy cakes that are zero on maida (all-purpose flour).

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This festive mood calls for quality indulgence, because everyone’s worth it. These 2 easy cake baking recipes will set your mood right for the festive season.

Chocolate Bundt Cake:




1. 3/4 Cup Slurrp Farm Chocolate Pancake Mix

2. 1/4 Cup jowar flour

3. 1/2 Cup coconut sugar

4. 2 Tbsp cold pressed oil

5. ½ Cup milk

6. 2 Tbsp curd

Watch the video: 


1. Add the Slurrp Farm Pancake Mix in a bowl.



2. Add the jowar flour.



3. Add the coconut sugar.



4. Mix all the dry ingredients well.

5. Add the oil and milk.



6. Mix well to incorporate all ingredients uniformly.

7. Add the curd and mix.



8. Pour into greased baking pan.

9. Bake at 165 degrees C for 25 mins.

10. Top with sauce and cranberries (optional).

Chocolate Date and Walnut Cake




1. 1 1/2 Cup Slurrp Farm Chocolate Pancake Mix

2. One tbsp baking powder.

3. 3/4 Cup Slurrp Farm Jaggery Powder.

4. 2 Tbsp flavorless cold pressed oil.

5. ½ Cup milk.

6. Dates and walnuts as per preference

Watch the video:


1. Add the Slurrp Farm Pancake Cake Mix.



2. Add the baking powder and mix.



3. Add the jaggery powder and mix well.



4. Add the milk.



5. Add the oil.



6. Mix well to incorporate all ingredients uniformly.

7. Pour into greased baking pan and add dates and walnuts.

8. Bake at 165 degrees C for 30 mins.

9. Top with chopped dates and walnuts.




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