5 Drawing Games For Kids

by slurrp

The scribble. There are various types, ranging from the angry scribble to the lazy scribble to even the absent-minded scribble. We all have consciously or subconsciously scribbled at some point on a corner of a page while we were supposed to be doing something else! There’s something about drawing that’s very simple and yet kind of fulfilling. One does not necessarily have to be a drawing master to feel or enjoy this.

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This is something that applies well to kids too. Being stuck at home can make children hyper and have parents running for ways to get them of their hair. Art, craft, and drawing could be one such simple solution to keeping kids busy. Get started with some very simple and basic drawing games:

1. Back and forth drawing

Each person takes turns and adds a small element to the drawing. Great for keeping you and the little one in splits!


2. Scribble prompt 

One player does a rough scribble and the other player has to build off of this and complete the drawing. A quick and easy way to get your child’s imagination running.

3. Group Body Drawing

A sheet of paper is paper is passed around and every player adds a small part to the drawing. The drawing is of a humanoid body but the trick is to add a funky and funny of a part as possible, making it difficult for others to complete the drawing! People take turns drawing sections of a human body until the drawing is complete in some shape or form. Great for small groups.


4. Simon Says, Draw!

One person starts by being Simon and imagines a subject in their mind. The idea is to get Simon to direct the others into creating as close a drawing to what they have in mind as possible, while only giving basic instructions and not giving the secret away. These can be, “ Simon says draw circles” or “Simon says to use a black crayon”. A great way to get kids to think and communicate with one another.

5. Mix it up!



Get crazy and try:

  • Drawing with the non-dominant hand
  • Drawing with your feet
  • Drawing upside down
  • Drawing with both hands


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