9 Magical Books For Children – The Very Best Illustrators

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Fantasy books are great for younger children, because fantasy involves imagination and suspension of beliefs about reality — a feat that children have a natural aptitude for. Fantasy is a “human right”. Children love the mysterious, magical worlds of a children’s fantasy book. And of course, bolstered by a kid’s imagination, these stories can truly come to life… which arguably makes children the ideal audience for the genre. The sheer joy of escaping reality and letting go of expectations is enough for the little ones to fall in love with these children’s books.

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Children’s books are one of the best ways to engage kids and excite them about stories. An element of magic is what sets these children’s story books apart from the rest, and all know how much children love magic. It’s what keeps their innocent hearts elated.

On the other hand, it provides artists/authors with the opportunity to unleash their creative potential to the fullest. Since their audience is children, they often come in bright, vivid colors to stimulate the cognitive skills of the little ones.

Your kids will become fantasy fans after reading these books and will love the stories about magic and enchanted lands, this list is full of books for children that will push the limits of kids’ imaginations.

But we think there’s something for everyone on this list.  Even if you’re an adult, you’re sure to see some of your childhood classics here!

Sprinkle a little fairy dust and let’s get reading these children’s fantasy book. 

9 magical books for children:

1. The Day The Crayons Quit


The Day The Crayons Quit


Is a crayon just a crayon? Well, the book says NOOO. There is a box of crayons that belongs to a boy called Duncan. One day Duncan gets letters from his crayons telling him that they are sick of either being used too much or not enough.  Can Duncan come up with a solution to keep the crayons happy – well, let’s find out.

Available on: Amazon.in

2. Beegu



Deacon’s simple text and soft illustrations cleverly convey a child’s feelings of uncertainty and confusion when faced with new surroundings. This is a heart-warming and satisfying tale that is certain to provide comfort to young children.

Available on: Amazon.in

3. The Tiger Who Came to Tea

This classic story of Sophie and her extraordinary teatime guest, a big furry, stripy tiger! Read how the tea went on that evening at Sophie’s house and later when her father returns and learns that nothing has been left in the kitchen, he graciously accepts it.

Available on: Amazon.in

4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar


The author, brings humour and novelty to one of the first scientific miracles a child learn – the metamorphosis of a butterfly.  The children engage with the adorable drawings of a caterpillar that eats everything from gherkins to lollipops. The caterpillar eats too much and ends up with a stomach ache – something every child can relate to.

Available on: Amazon.in

5. You Can’t Take An Elephant On the Bus

This wonderful picture book is filled with funny rhymes matched with irresistible illustrations. There are lots of everyday activities to spot – and these will prompt many giggles as you see the animals attempt to blend in. (A giraffe on an airplane sticks out like a sore thumb…) You won’t be disappointed!

Available on: Amazon.in

6. Press Here



One yellow dot sits in the center of a blank, white page. Underneath is the inviting command (affirming the reader’s already intrinsic urge): “Press here.” 

Assuming that the participant has suspended disbelief and actually pressed on the page of the book, Tullet has set his hook and now only needs to reel the reader in.

Available on: Amazon.in

7. Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Seuss talks about the good times, the bad times and those in between (which he refers to as “The Waiting Place”), and doing this has the ultimate result of its own positive message. The message that you can – and will – survive the not-so-perfect moments of life, with some advice as to how to point yourself in the right direction again.

Available on: Amazon.in

8. Love you forever



Love You Forever presents the unconditional love that parents are expected to have for their children despite the behavior of those children as they grow up. The love that a parent has for a child is an unrestricted love that never falters. This parental love is often the first and most important love a person will ever experience.

Available onAmazon.in

9. A Sick Day for Amos McGee

This gentle, ultimately warm story acknowledges the care and reciprocity behind all good friendships: Much like Amos’s.

Available on: Amazon.in

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