Awesome Summer Reading List Of Children Books

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Hello, bookworms!

Summer means sunscreen, swimsuits, and — of course! — summer reading. Having said which, the lockdown means not much (or any) of the above. Is there anything better than cuddling up with your child, a big stack of children’s books, and no place to go? However, when your child is very young, reading is primarily about bonding, not building IQ; the language boost your child gets is a bonus. The act of reading itself is a chance to slow down and spend time together. It’s that connection that’s behind instilling a lifetime love of reading in children. So don’t worry if she’d rather mouth the pages than follow the story for now. Instead, enjoy one-on-one time.

Summer sizzles when you add the excitement of a good children’s book! If you like, you can talk about the pictures in the book instead of reading the words. Could you and your child make up a story together? Do what you can and as much as you’re comfortable with.

Here’s a list of children’s books to give you company as temperatures soar and days grow long.

1. Jasper & Ollie

(Recommended for children between 6 – 8 years)



This book is about friendship and friends who seem to find common ground. Good friends neatly show that differences don’t matter. This children’s book celebrates friendship and the wonderful ways in which we’re all different.

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2. The Best of Tenali: Tales of Wit and Adventure

(Recommended for children up to 8 years)


Packed with stories of wit, wisdom, and hilarious antics, this comic book is sure to take you kid on a rollicking journey that is the stuff of legends. Tenali Raman is regarded as one of the most popular folk figures. He was also a royal jester at the court of Krishna Devaraya of Vijayanagara in Andhra Pradesh. If you are looking for something light to read to your kid we recommend this children’s book.

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3. The Absolutely True Adventures of Daydreamer

(Recommended for children 8 +)



For Dev and his colorful imagination, it’s access to all areas and no holds barred. It’s Daydreamer Dev vs the world in this edition chronicling three of his fantastic adventures. These action-packed stories transport the reader to three iconic locations, each one testing Dev’s survival skills while teaching him to respect environments and cultures that seem alien to him.

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4. Giraffe problems

(Recommended for children between 3 – 5 years)



Necks come in many sizes, and sometimes those sizes seem inconvenient. Learning to appreciate one’s body in all its complicated and even ungainly forms is a laudable moral. This children’s book teaches us to solve each other’s problems and delight in each other’s strengths, thereby also learning to accept themselves as just right.

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5. Look I’m an Engineer

(Recommended for children between 3 – 5 years)



Children are born with everything they need to be great engineers: inquisitive minds, unlimited imagination, and super senses. This is a hands-on early childhood book about making things: a gravity painter, a parachute, paper planes, a raft, a boat that goes with a rubber band, a solar stove, insect homes, bridges, a sugar-cube pyramid, an air-propelled rocket. Good ideas for young children with adult assistance.

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