Best Millet Dosa Recipe – Pesarattu Pops

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By Uma Raghuraman 

I could eat dosas practically every day. Although we do eat a wide variety of dishes for breakfast, more often than not, it is the millet dosa recipe that gives me the nourishment to begin the day. The dosa in the spotlight today is the Pesarattu Pops, a type of dosa or crepe from the state of Andhra Pradesh, India which is fun to prepare, wholesome, and endowed with such a unique flavor. 

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Made with one of my most favorite ingredients to cook with, Slurrp Farm Protein-Rich Millet Dosa Mix Spinach. Here, I have given my classic Pesarattu recipe a new avatar that is child-friendly and also appealing. It is a great kids’ lunch box idea or to sneak in spinach if your little one is fussy eating spinach. Made with natural ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, no transfat, and low on salt.

I always have a stock of dry chutney powders (peanut, gram dal, coconut, etc) to go with this millet dosa recipe. They are also great to sprinkle over when I make masala dosas. At times I like to eat Pesarattu Pops with a little jaggery tucked into the middle of each fold that forms a mouthful. This gives an extra dimension of taste and the sweet taste that I so desire at times. 

What appeals to me about this batter is how quickly it all comes together and that there is no need for fermentation and hence Pesarattu scores over conventional masala dosa for me.

Millet Dosa Recipe – Pesarattu Pops


1. 2 Large onions, finely chopped (optional)

2. ¼ Cup finely chopped coriander leaves (optional)

3. 1–2 tsp oil, for greasing

For the Pesarattu Batter:

1. One inch fresh ginger

2. 2–3 Garlic cloves (optional)

3. A cup of Slurrp Farm Millet Dosa Mix

4. Salt, to taste

For the Tofu filling:

1. 200G tofu, cut into wedges

2. 2 Tbsp sriracha sauce

3. 2 Tbsp cornflour starch

4. 1 Tsp tomato ketchup (optional)

5. 2 Tsp oil


1. Crêpe pan or dosa pan

2. Grill pan

Watch the video:


1. In a bowl, add one cup of Slurrp Farm Millet Dosa Mix along with one cup of water. Mix it well to avoid lumps.

2. In another bowl, put the sriracha sauce, tomato ketchup (if using), and cornflour starch, and coat the tofu with the mixture. Leave it to sit and soak in all the flavors.

3. Grease a grill pan with oil. Pan-fry the marinated tofu wedges until they are uniformly fried and turn dark orange in color. Set aside.

4. To make the Pesarattu or crêpes, heat a tawa or skillet and grease it with a few drops of oil. The heat of the tawa should be of the right temperature to make the perfect Pesarattu. Make the first Pesarattu very small in size to check the temperature and the batter consistency. You can use tissue paper or a brush to remove any excess oil from the tawa.

5. When the tawa is just hot, pour a ladle of batter in the center and spread the batter, using the ladle, making concentric circles. Sprinkle lots of onions and coriander on top (if using). Gently press it with the ladle. Spoon a little oil on the sides of the Pesarattu.

6. Cook the Pesarattu on both sides until it’s cooked but not crispy. You need it to be soft and pliable for rolling. Remove from the tawa and repeat the process for the rest of the batter.

7. Place the pan-fried tofu on one end of the Pesarattu and roll tightly. Cut each Pesarattu into 2–3 pieces, insert toothpicks into them and then pack the lunch box.

Chef’s Tips:

1. Try making variations by using paneer instead of tofu.

2. For the batter, you can also add spinach, carrot, and green gram.

3. Instead of sprinkling the onions and coriander on top of the Pesarattu, you can grind them along with the soaked green gram and rice.

4. You could use grated vegetables, like carrot and cabbage, or fruits like apples and pears.

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