Easy Paper Crafts For Kids During Monsoon – Bouncy Frog

by slurrp

By Tilak Bhardwaj

It’s raining cats and dogs. And your kids cannot go out to play. They have missed their favorite shows due to connectivity issues in bad weather and are growing irritable. But your worries will end- NOW. Inspired by rains, we’ve brought some amazing paper crafts for kids.

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Boats and planes during rains have become quite out-dated papercraft ideas. Time for something new, in an exclusive way. Let’s try:

Bouncy frog- Paper crafts for kids

Watch the video:

 Video Credits: My Art For Life


Materials required for this easy craft for kids:

1. Papers (Green and Yellow)

2. Scissors

3. Markers (red and black)

4. A glue stick

All the materials that we use in paper crafts for kids are readily available in any household.

How to make it?

Step 1:

Hold the green paper portrait-wise. Starting from the side edge of the paper, cut four strips, about a half-an-inch wide across the full length of the page. These strips will eventually be your frog’s body, and also would enable the frog to bounce. Do it as shown in the picture here:



Step 2:

This step might be divided into further sub-steps. They are all very easy:

1. Apply some glue in the middle of the first strip, and place the other strip over it, in such a way that the two appear to make a + sign (If explained in a mathematical language, the two strips should be the perpendicular bisector of each other). Note that their point of intersection is the place where they have been stuck together.

2. Apply glue on the upper side of the same spot where the previous two strips are joined together. Similarly, stick the other two strips, so that the overall arrangement looks somewhat like an asterisk (*).



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Step 3:

Take the ends of each strip one by one, curl them, bring them together so that each strip forms a circle and paste them one over another (Note: This should be done to all the strips) After having done this step, your strips should look like a framework of a spherical structure (Similar to the longitudes of our Earth).




All the strips meet each other at two points- one at the top, and the other at the bottom. It’s at these two places that the head and feet would be stuck, respectively. Let’s now make our dear frog’s head and feet.




Step 4:

Using a pencil, draw

1. The frog’s head (try making it cute and funny)

2. A crown for the frog’s head on a yellow sheet

3. Two feet of the frog

4. The frog’s eyes on a separate white sheet

You may draw (1) and (3) on the remaining piece of the green paper (the one used for cutting strips) or take another green paper, if that suits you. Make a beautiful, elegant crown for the frog. After having drawn, cut them out. Outline the features the head including nostrils and a big beaming smile on the frog’s face, the feet, and the shiny eyes so that they are distinctly visible.

Step 5:

Paste the lustrous eyes of the frog on the top of the head, in such a fashion, that a part of the eyes juts out of the head. Also, paste the crown over the head of the frog. Her Majesty is now a queen! Find the lovely face of the frog looking at you, elated.




Step 6:

1. Apply some glue on the upper end of the feet, and paste it to the lower portion of the ‘sphere’ you had made using the green strips of paper.

2. You now need to put the head on the top of the sphere. This is how you’d do it-

3. Take a narrow strip of paper, fold it in such a way that it forms a right-angled triangle. Paste one of the shorter sides of the triangle on the back of the head. Attach the other short side of the triangle to the top of the sphere. In this way, you will easily be able to place the head, on the spherical ‘body’ of the frog.


Lo Behold! The Queen Frog is ready!

The frog hops and bounces, with just a gentle press on the top, rear, or on the triangular strip. Ah, it seems you are hungry now. Well, you must award yourself, with the monsoon special super delicious millet pancakes, from Slurrp Farm.


We hope it was among the easiest paper crafts for kids, and you could make it hassle-free.

Have got some creative papercraft ideas? We would love to know. Please do share them in the comment box.


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