Introducing Solids? Baby’s Reaction To First Foods – Very Cute Videos

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By Kamakshi Ganesh

The first few months after the birth of your child life passes by in a big blur of sleepless nights and rapidly evolving feeding patterns and nappy changing. Before you know it, your little bundle of joy isn’t so little anymore and it’s already time for their first taste solid food. There is a lot of conflicting information out there about what foods do you introduce to your baby first?  But remember to not worry too much, follow your baby’s lead and it will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both you and your baby.

So what foods do you introduce to your baby first? 

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Baby cereals are a great starting point for solids. You can mix them with fruit purees to add some flavor to it and trust us, your baby will lap it up!

This exciting milestone of your baby’s first taste of solid food will need to be memorable so here is what we suggest you arm yourself with – a bowl of delicious baby food, a bib – to try and control the inevitable mess and of course a camera – to capture the momentous event. Here some babies react to their first solid foods.

For many of us, ragi cereal has been our first taste of solid food. It’s a tradition in most Indian households to feed babies ragi cereal mixed with milk. Ragi is considered to be a superfood and one of the best first foods for babies. Ragi, with its high protein and mineral content, keeps babies full for a long time and is also known to boost immunity.



Sprouted Ragi cereal can be homemade or bought ready-made. Slurrp Farm’s Ragi Cereal is 100% organic and free of any preservatives and additives. It is also completely hassle-free! All you need to do is cook the powder with milk or water and serve it warm to your baby. As you can see, they love it.

 Sprouted Ragi Vs Sprouted Ragi Powder

Baby Kai eating oats

Oats cereals are also great for babies as their first solid food. Their high fiber content helps to digest very easily and they are packed with minerals like calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, and manganese which are essential for bone development for babies. The texture of the oats is also something a lot of babies enjoy. You can always add fruit purees and a pinch of jaggery to add some sweetness. 

This is what Kai’s mom had to say about his first taste of solid food – 

“I had my son Kai around 9 months ago and because of CoronaVirus, I couldn’t start him on solids earlier as I was stuck in another city and a house with no kitchen. I tried Slurrp farm for the first time in Bangalore and Kai loved it instantly. Now that I’m home I tried Slurrp farm Oats for Kai and he loved it. I didn’t know he would like oats this much considering the texture and flavor it has – very grown up! SF’s oats are smooth and silky and taste amazing with fruits. Can’t wait to try the ragi from SF.” – Shivangi Sinha,”

Watch the video and enjoy their reaction 


If plain ragi or oats cereal isn’t cutting it for your baby’s taste buds, then flavored baby cereals are a great option. Slurrp Farm’s Ragi and Rice cereal with Strawberries is a crowd favorite with the babies! This cereal has all the goodness of ragi, rice, milk, and real strawberries and does not contain any added sugars or preservatives.

This is great for babies who are fussy with plain ragi cereal or even to introduce some variety into their food. Strawberries are not only delicious for your babies to eat but by introducing them in a safe way with the cereal and not as the whole fruit, even a younger baby can consume it safely. And as is apparent in the video, the babies can’t get enough of it.

These are available in Mango and Banana flavors as well.

 Introducing two NEW Cereals for little ones – Sathu Maavu Mix & Ragi, Almond, and Banana Cereal

Special thanks to Shivangi Sinha (baby Kai) and Monica Sharma (baby Ashnoor).

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