Morning Sickness Remedies For Pregnant Women

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by Sharanya Munsi

Pregnancy in popular media for most part is painted to be a magical journey that women crusade through.  In reality it can be pretty brutal to one’s health. This stands true for morning sickness to a great extent. It is only those who have lived through it can vow for its repugnancy and mood deflation. Such is its prevalence that experts say that almost 70% women feel nausea and 50% vomiting episodes due to morning sickness during pregnancy. The experiences for women across the world are varied and similar at the same time, from when they get it, to which trimester it starts in, to how long it lasts. While right nutrition during pregnancy can help ease it better, finding cures at home can go a long way. Morning sickness remedies are thus frequently searched for by women across the world. 


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Here’s a look at a few food items you can explore to ward off morning sickness:

1. Ginger



One of the most trusted morning sickness remedies. The humble herb is a huge favorite when it comes to easing away morning sickness. Its special tangy taste can bring back your senses after a morning sickness attack. Ingest a small slice or introduce it in your morning tea, it works its magic in multiple ways. 

2. Herbal teas



Teas are a natural soother on most occasions, no reason why they should be left out during morning sicknesses. You can opt for a wide range of herbal teas by experimenting with their compositions till you come across one that relaxes and helps you recover from the energy loss. 

3. Fennel seeds



A usual go to option to reduce gas formation and heartburn, these tiny seeds are an incredible resource when it comes to fighting morning sickness. Chomp them in small quantities or crush them and take in their strong smell, they are highly potent and can help you recover your appetite. 

4. Water

Morning sickness remedies are sometimes hidden in the most basic dietary acts like hydration. Increasing your intake of water while feeling nauseous and vomit-prone during morning sickness can help you replenish your aqua levels. It is important to keep taking sips of water even if you feel uneasy, bloated and are already throwing up. It will help your body recover fast and help control the condition better. 

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5. Lemon

The most common cure for nausea is lemon. These citrus magicians are an incredible morning sickness remedy that is quick and effective at the same time. Bite on a slice of lemon or drink a glass of warm water with lemon, it will promptly help you to recover and feel like yourself again. 

6. Mint



Similar to lemon in function, mint leaves hold a very intricate role in recovering from morning sickness. Simply smell the leaves or crush them in your palm and inhale their goodness. You can also add it to your morning tea for added flavour and effectiveness.

7. Coconut water

A highly soothing and rejuvenating morning sickness remedy, coconut water, instantly relaxes your body muscles and helps you replenish your lost water content. This is in addition to the great service they do in keeping your skin glowing and shiny. While there are innumerable diet myths during pregnancy, this is one that has stood the test of time. 

8. Apple Cider Vinegar



The tangy smell of Apple Cider Vinegar is known to trigger slight nasal reactions in some, however, it is highly effective in curing and easing morning sickness as its strong smell makes your body recover faster. Sprinkle some of it on a handkerchief and place it under your pillow or bedside to sniff when feeling sick. Alternately you can also add one teaspoon of it to a glass of drinking water.

Snacking innovatively with local ingredients can also play a great role in your search for Indian home remedies for morning sickness during pregnancy. You can opt for snacks based on the above ingredients like pickled or salted ginger bites, ginger melon juice, spinach and mint juice and others to help change the taste and smell you feel. While finding morning sickness remedies are a way of helping ease the discomfort, expectant mothers need to bear in mind that morning sickness usually wears off after 16-20 weeks so its toll on the body and spirit does not last through the pregnancy. Most importantly, when feeling under the blue due to morning sickness, allow yourself to rest and recover, even if it means slowing down a little. 

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