Quick Mix Chocolate Cake With Hint Of Orange

by slurrp

By Simran Oberoi Multani

Do you need a reason to bake a cake and the answer will be a big NO! You know why. Baking a chocolate cake is always a good idea! Now imagine if it’s a yummy chocolate cake with fruity hints of refreshing orange. They are both an excellent source of antioxidants. Power-houses which when put together lead to a tasty explosion in the mouth. Don’t believe me? Well, would you believe if I ask you to imagine a simple chocolate cake recipe? And just as you are savoring it, you get the tangy-sweet flavor from the fresh orange zest and juice. It smells incredibly amazing, tastes so good, and is an easy chocolate mix. I really cannot think of any proper adjectives that will do justice to how this cake smells and tastes, so let’s just leave it at so so so good. 


The result is an ultra-decadent slice of eggless cake that’s just bursting with chocolate and orange flavor. It’s a wonderful cure to the drab winter blues. And if you are worried how citrusy the chocolate cake is, well it’s not subtle but it’s not a punch in the face either. There is something special that the orange brings to a cake – more of a soft pleasant and sweet flavor. 

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This quick mix healthy dessert gets better in a  day or two, but who are we kidding because there aren’t going to be any leftovers. This simple chocolate cake recipe is simple to be made any day and can also hold its importance for any special events. 

Quick Mix Chocolate Cake:


1. One cup Slurrp Farm Classic Pancake Mix

2. ½ Tsp baking powder

3. ¼ Unsweetened cocoa powder

4. 1/2 Cup coconut sugar

5. ¼ Cup orange juice

6. 2 Tbsp cold pressed oil

7. ½ Cup milk

Watch the video:


1. Add the Slurrp Farm Pancake Mix and baking powder in a bowl.



2. Add the cocoa powder.



3. Add the coconut sugar.



4. Mix all the dry ingredients well.

5. Add the orange juice, oil and milk.



6. Mix well to incorporate all ingredients uniformly.



7. Pour into greased baking pan.



8. Bake at 165 degrees C for 25 mins.

9. Top with oranges (optional).

 Isn’t this tempting for you? Go and make yours and don’t forget to share a picture with us on our Instagram @slurrpfarm

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