Rainy Season Nutritious Foods For Kids- What To Eat And What to Avoid

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By Tilak Bhardwaj


Drizzles to downpours, alluring petrichor, accompanied with delicious titbits! Mere delicious foodstuffs? No! Our delicacies require something else. This monsoon introduce a range of nutritious foods for kids; with no compromise on taste or health!


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Even healthy food might become unhealthy for kids depending on the circumstances of consumption. We, therefore, bring this list on what to avoid and what not to, this rainy season. 


Unhealthy foods that your kids must avoid this rainy season:

1. Leafy vegetable



Humidity in the atmosphere makes leafy vegetables damp, grime, and a breeding spot for germs. 

Ah, kids can take some sigh of relief. No cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, or spinach this monsoon. Yay!


2. Oily and fried food



The presence of excess oil in oily and fried food items slow down the digestive tract. Thus, children’s urge to devour pakodas, samosas, or chips, while it rains must be controlled.

3. Fizzy drinks



These drinks reduce the mineral content in our body. Enzyme activities in the body subsequently get reduced leading to the worsening of the digestive system. What kids need to cherish as a liquid during monsoon is raindrops and not fizzy drinks!


4. Seafoods



Monsoon is the prime breeding season for aquatic animals. Sea Foods available therefore aren’t fresh or are canned/frozen or treated with harmful additives

5. Salad, raw fruits, and street food

It’s very likely that all of these are prepared/washed using contaminated water. During the rainy season, these are bound to be smeared with dirt and mud. Unless available fresh and hygienic, these unhealthy foods for kids must be avoided.

Having seen the food items that must be discouraged from consumption, let’s now have a deck on:


Healthy Food For Kids:

1. High-fiber foods

Soluble and insoluble fibers (roughage) help keep the digestive system in order and make one feel full, thereby reducing cravings. Chia seeds, profuse in fiber, and protein content are a must-consume immunity-boosting healthy food for kids. Beans, nuts, avocado, bananas, and dry fruits, are other fiber-rich nourishments.


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2. Jaggery instead of Sugar


Jaggery as a replacement for sugar is ordinarily attributed to a diabetic patient. However, keeping in mind the fact that jaggery is an excellent source of iron and boosts digestion, it’s wise to make it imperative in a kid’s diet. 


3. Low-Sodium diet

These diets retain the water content in the body, helps in maintaining low blood pressure, prevent the risk of kidney damage, and even strokes thereby helping kids, teens, and adults alike. To ensure low sodium consumption, the diet must include fresh, steamed vegetables, non-fried/salted/canned food. Vegetables like bitter gourd, methi, neem, and turmeric can help in preventing infections.

4. Boiled water over cold water



It helps in keeping the kids hydrated, prevents nasal congestion, and aids digestion. As a replacement for fizzy drinks, Nimbu Paani or warm beverages can help. 

Let this rain wash away the conventional unhealthy food and bring in, like the downpours, nutritious foods for kids.  









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