Top 8 Books To Read By Children In Monsoon Season

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By Dipika Singh

Rain, just the word brings a lovely aroma of petrichor, sitting by the window and munching on hot pakoras with steamy chai. Everyone loves the rain, the pitter-patter of the tiny drops brings leash of fresh life. To add up the fun, and enjoy the rainy day by your balcony, start reading some interesting books.



Life is like a RAINBOW; you need a little bit of both – Sun and Rain!Anonymous.

When interminable rains keep kids grounded at home, they need things apart from the regular schedule to unwind and enjoy their rainy day too. What better than starting with a new book – here is the list of Top 8 Children books to read in Monsoon.

Classic Children’s Books to read this Monsoon

1. The Blue Umbrella 



The Blue Umbrella is written by legendry author Ruskin Bond in 1980, the focal characters of the book are a young village girl Binya and her love for the Blue Umbrella. This is a humorous book and like any other Ruskin Bond’s creation emphasizes relationships. The love between Binya and her Umbrella, how she traded her only valuable possession to acquire this Blue Umbrella. The story that will make you fall in love with the simplicity of life, a light fictional story weaved beautifully in typical Ruskin Bond’s style of writing.

Famed Indian film director Vishal Bharadwaj adapted this book into a Bollywood movie which later won National Award for Best Children’s Film in 2007.

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2. Worm Weather 



Worm Weather by Jean Taft and Illustrated by Matt Hunt is a great imaginative book for young children. One of the best books for kids to read and begin their reading journey, picture books are loved by children of all ages, but this specifically caters to young readers. With imaginative thinking and weather, this book is best for budding readers. The narration is simple and illustrations very catchy, it is a story of kids enjoying the splish-splash of a rainy day and a little creepy crawly worm.

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3. The Story of Ferdinand 



This is my all-time favorite classic children’s book – The Story Of Ferdinand, a mighty bull who refused to fight the bullfights in the arena and his masters but rather chose the smell of flowers. An American author Munro Leaf would have never thought that one day his flower-loving, baby faced bull would become a timeless hero for generations to come. This book is later adapted in many short-animated movies and a big-budget animated comedy-drama by the same name in 2017 and distributed by 20th Century Fox. I recommend The Story Of Ferdinand as a must reading book for kids.

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4. Wayward School Beneath the Cloud of Doom 



What better time to read this book than now, when everyone is confided into a lockdown or stay at a home situation with homeschooling as the only viable option. Author Louis Sachar created this best-selling series which has won many accolades world over. This novel is a great choice for tweens, especially during homeschooling days. A brilliant and rather relatable way to keep your child entertained and engaged. The book talks about how everyone is preparing for the all-important decisive test, but then there is a mysterious cloud of doom looming above them. Isn’t this the our-kind-of-situation.’  Best children’s book for age-based reading, 9 and above.

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5. Frog and Toad: A Little Book of Big Thoughts 



Frog and Toad: A Little Book of Big Thoughts is a collections book from the famous book set series – Frog and Toad. Written and illustrated by acclaimed author Arnold Lobel, this is an illustration book complied with all the different Frog and Toad stories with their famous quotes featured along with the beautiful illustration. A perfect gift to your child, but do not forget to get the entire set as after reading this book, they would surely want to read more.

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6. Amazing Grace 



A classic children’s book by age that sends an inspiring message of believing in your dreams. If you believe in your dreams and earnestly fight to make them true, everything is possible. This is something we must and should teach our kids to follow. Grace is a brave happy-go-lucky girl who loves to act in her school plays. But she faces roadblocks to play a special character because she is a girl and is black. What happens next, how she faces her worst fears and come out as a winner is something to read for sure.

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7. Matilda



Any list of books for kids to read will be incomplete without the mention of Matilda, an ultimate classic. A sweet girl of five or less, teaching herself to read and learn even in the worst adversary environment. Every path she chooses is riddled with endless situations, but she overcomes every hurdle with determination and trust in her abilities.

A modern-fairy tale and a little dash of magic for our inspiring Matilda, the book is an all-rounder and hence adapted into a film too.

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8. History of the Rain



Niall Williams bestseller – History of the Rain is a story of bedbound Plain Ruth Swain who entrails between this world and the next in search of her father. The book has sequences weaved dramatically in mystery, puzzles, relationships, and history. Another book that shows its protagonist as a strong-willed and determined girl despite her age and reaches. A must-read children’s book by age.

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Books have the power to transform a dull normal day into something magical, these classic books for children are meant to be read and treasured for life. So, next time when you get an opportunity to gift something to your child or their friends, follow the above list. Happy reading and enjoy the monsoons.

This post is authored by Dipika Singh. She is an author, blogger, and a hands-on mommy. Her passion for writing and connecting with people, driven her to start the blogging journey 4 years ago. Her recent transformation from blogging to literary fiction has won her many accolades and a well-accepted ebook. She strongly believes in – ‘dream it, and make it happen’.

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