Yummy Mocha Cake Step-By-Step Recipe

by slurrp

By Dipandita Dutta

Calling all my coffee lovers to this Mocha Cake Party!

I love coffee so you can imagine what the rich coffee flavor would do to enhance the flavor of a cake!? Winter months can mean whipping up a classic mocha cake with ease. You can freeze the sponges if you want to save time later on. Ideal for a coffee morning or a healthy snack-y party at home.

This simple recipe of a classic and scrumptious mocha cake has been sweetened using jaggery and not refined sugar. All the more reason for you to make your’s from scratch.

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This is possibly the best  moist mocha cake recipe you and your little ones would have in the times to come! Tender, moist and sans refined-sugar frosting…isn’t that like your dreams come true! 


We used Classic Pancakes as the core ingredient in this recipe!

Bake this delicious coffee mocha cake for reasons that maybe special or you don’t need a reason, really. Savour the goodness of this moist and decadent coffee lover’s mocha cake. An indulgent recipe awaits you! 

Baking tip: After you’ve taken the mocha cake out from the oven, you have to let the cake cool completely before you frost them. Many new bakers make the mistake of frosting a warm cake, which results in runny frosting every single time.

I mean, just LOOK at that piece! The cake is dense, and moist.

Mocha cake recipe:




1. One cup of Slurrp Farm Classic Pancake Mix

2. One cup of whole wheat flour

3. 1/2 cup Slurrp Farm Jaggery Powder

4. 2 Tbsp cocoa powder 

5. 2 1/2 Tsp coffee powder 

6. 200 Ml of butter milk

7. 30 Ml of melted butter

8. One tsp of baking powder

9. 2 Tsp of chopped walnuts

10. One tsp of orange rind (optional) 

11. One tsp of vanilla essence/coffee essence 

Watch the video:


1. In a bowl, mix together the dry ingredients (Slurrp Farm Pancake Mix, whole wheat flour, cocoa powder, coffee powder and baking powder) and keep aside.



2. In a separate bowl, whisk together butter milk and Slurrp Farm Jaggery Powder until jaggery dissolves completely. Then, mix in melted butter and vanilla essence or coffee essence.




3. To the wet mixture, add the dry ingredients.



4. Fold the entire mixture into a smooth batter. Add a tsp of orange rind (optional).


5. Transfer the batter to a cake pan of your choice.



6. Sprinkle some chopped walnuts.



7. Bake at 160 degree Celsius for 25 – 30 minutes. Once cooled, slice and serve.

8.  Enjoy this mocha cake recipe for the sheer joy of baking


 Happy Baking!

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